6 Solid Men’s Caps for Traveling That Will Trend in 2023

Are you going traveling soon and want the perfect hat for your trip? You have so many options, which can make it hard to choose. You’ll want to consider what you want out of the hat and, of course, what your personal tastes are.

These are six solid men’s caps for traveling that will trend in 2023. We’re sure you’ll find one you love on this list, so let’s begin!

1. Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are a classic men’s accessory. They look outstanding with any outfit and come in infinite designs and colors. As another benefit, most baseball caps are easily adjustable, so you can be sure any new one you buy will fit you. 

These hats also protect your face and head from the sun, which is excellent if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors on your trip. Many men wear them during the summer, although you can still benefit from wearing them in the winter. A baseball cap can keep your scalp from drying in the cooler air, preventing dandruff.

Overall, baseball hats are one of the best options for traveling. They’ll protect your skin and look great on anyone. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile, and you can make them look good no matter what you wear. There are even many baseball cap styles to pick from.

2. Fedora


A fedora is a great choice if you want something for slightly more formal occasions. You could also opt for an Indiana Jones-style fedora for your adventures. These hats for big heads are stylish and trendy and protect your head from sunburns.

Many men prefer to wear their fedoras on spring or autumn trips since they’re light yet still a little warm. You can pack a warmer wool fedora when traveling when it’s colder.

Fedoras are very classy and can dress up any outfit, making them a popular vacation choice.

3. Bucket Hat


Bucket hats are another classic option that is trending this year. It’s very flexible and has a good-sized brim to protect you from the sun. They’re perfect if you want a relaxed look on a casual trip.

You can find bucket hats in a variety of styles and designs today. You could choose a neutral color for a versatile hat that matches any outfit. Although you can also find bright, vibrantly colored hats and even tye-dye ones.

Plus, bucket hats are extremely flexible since they contain canvas material, allowing you to easily pack one in a bag without damaging it.

4. Flat Hat

Tweed flat hats are traditional hats that are sure to grab attention. They’re stylish and versatile since you can easily dress them up or down. They look elegant in suits and trendy paired with casual clothing too.

You’ll want to choose a flat hat made from a breathable material if you’re going somewhere warm. Light cotton or linen are the best choices for hot days. However, you can also find flat hats made from wool or tweed, which are better for colder weather.

Overall, there are plenty of flat hats to choose from, allowing you to easily match one with your trip.

5. Sun Hat

Men’s sun hats are classic travel caps. Most can fold easily, have a wide brim, and come with a necktie to avoid losing it during excursions. 

Many men prefer wearing them during rigorous outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, or hiking since it’s more likely to stay on their heads. They also offer more sun protection than many other caps, making them perfect for long hours in the sun.

6. Beanie

Beanies are another staple hat that works with any outfit you can think of. They come in many colors and styles, including ones with a cuff. These hats can be warm in the winter and cover your ears, protecting you from the wind and snow.

These hats usually make any outfit look more casual, which is great if you plan to relax a lot when traveling.

What To Look For in Your Perfect Travel Cap

Certain aspects of a cap make it much more suitable for travel than others. If you need to pack it in a bag, you’ll want to ensure it’s flexible enough. Plus, you’ll want to know that it offers weather and sun protection.

Let’s discuss what features you should look for in your new travel hat.

Large Brim

First, you’ll usually want a hat with a wide brim if you plan on being outside a lot. Some of the best options for this are sun hats and baseball caps. Sunhats are usually better since they offer a wide brim all around, protecting more of your skin from the sun. Bucket hats are another excellent choice.

Hats with a brim wider than three inches protect your ears, neck, and face the best.  

Weather Protection

Next, you’ll need to consider how well the hat will protect you from the elements. It must be waterproof to keep you dry in the snow or rain. If you are always somewhere sunny and hot, you’ll also want a hat that covers your ears, so they don’t get sunburned.

What hat you choose will depend on the weather where you’re going. It can help you to look up the weather around the time of your trip if you’re having trouble picking a cap.


Lastly, you want a somewhat flexible hat. If it’s too stiff, you’ll crush it in your bag. Baseball caps, beanies, and bucket hats are perfect for travel since you can fold them.

Plus, you can usually bring more than just one when you choose more flexible hats.

Bring Your Favorite Hats!

In short, so many hats will trend this year, so why not bring your favorites on your trip? You’ll feel confident and will enjoy looking back at all the pictures you’re in. Some of the best options include a classic baseball cap, a fedora, or a bucket hat.

You have plenty of choices for the perfect travel hat, so why not pick the ones that make you feel the best?