6 Luxury Gift Ideas for the Modern Sports Fan in Your Life


Is the man (or woman) in your life a fanatical sports fan and you want to give them the perfect gift they’ll appreciate? Do you want to hit a home run with the next birthday gift? Our modern gift ideas will suit any recipient who enjoys sports.

From an electric recliner lift chair to Michael Jordan shoes, our gift list has you sorted even if you’re not crazy about sports yourself! Read on for some inspiration so you don’t settle for yet another personalised football jersey! Rather surprise him or her with these novel but modern gift ideas for sports fans.

6 Luxury Gift Ideas for the Modern Sports Fan in Your Life

1. Luxury Leather Recliner Chairs

A luxury leather recliner chair is the perfect gift for the sports fan who does all their viewing from home. What better gift can you give a loved one celebrating a milestone in their life than ensuring they’re comfortable in front of the TV?

Go one step further and pick an electric recliner lift chair that’s not only super-comfy but makes it easy to go from standing to sitting positions effortlessly. Quality recliner chairs support your body for healthy spine alignment and posture. You can pick a design that best suits your TV room too, so it complements your home décor.

2. State-of-the-Art TV

Sports fans are always on the lookout for the latest technology in TVs for watching their favourite games. LCD screens offer improved viewing experiences and we all know how important that is when it comes to watching every putt on TV.

Gifting your loved one with a state-of-the-art TV makes them happy viewers especially if the screen is bigger than 65 inches (just saying so you get the right size)! Refresh rates of 60Hz and 120Hz are equally important particularly if your sports fan’s favourite game includes fast cars!

3. Virtual Reality Headsets

Give the sports fan in your life an immersive experience with virtual reality (VR) headsets. These headsets let the viewers become completely engrossed in the sports game, enhancing their viewing experience from the couch. And, when no game is on, your sports fan can have fun with virtual gaming.

VR headsets give your sports fan a close up and more personal experience no matter which game they’re viewing. According to avid users of VR technology, your loved one won’t get a better experience sitting in a traditional sports stadium! VR headsets even enable fans to enjoy virtual tours of locker rooms, play games with their favourite players or participate in Q & A sessions.

4. Modern Digital Sports Watches

If your loved one is an active player themselves, they would appreciate a modern digital sports watch. These sporty-looking watches are robust, waterproof and functional too, with features like:

  • Track and measure your game
  • Time your activities
  • Allow you to download apps for specific sports

Premium-quality digital sports watches can be tailored for golfers, athletes, divers and swimmers. Look out for essential features such as easy-to-read dials, thick cases and crown guards for extra protection.

5. Golf Clubs and Balls

The golfer in your life always needs golf balls and if they’ve been eyeing a new club, this is your time to buy them the perfect gift. Golfing fans are acutely aware of which golf clubs their favourite players use and will hanker after the same for themselves. Keep your eyes and ears open around birthday time, such as the golfing gear they comment on, and so discover what they want to add to their own golfing kit.

A set of golf clubs is the ideal gift for a beginner who has been borrowing his or her buddy’s set during practice sessions. This is a gift of a lifetime so don’t skimp on quality either!

6. Micheal Jordan Shoes

Giving your basketball fan a pair of Michael Jordan shoes will have him or her making a statement every time they wear them (which will be all the time)! Manufactured by Nike, Air Jordan shoes carry the well-known “Jumpman” logo. The famous basketball player wore the first pair ever made in 1994 and to this day, the style and ergonomic features are being updated.

These shoes aren’t only stylish and comfortable but they offer the wearer support, bounce and stability as well. Air Jordan shoes are a thoughtful gift that’ll go down well with most basketball fans.

Final Thoughts

If the sports fan in your life loves modern gifts and deserves something out of the ordinary, give him or her a luxury sporting experience they’ll never forget. Whether it’s leather recliner chairs for the TV room or comfy but sporty Michael Jordan shoes, simply make sure your gifts are meaningful and useful.

Sports supporters will appreciate something that helps them recreate a sporting experience from the comfort of their home or while out and about on the field. Get started with our list of modern gift ideas and surprise your loved one on his or her next special occasion!