Wolfgang Serratos Boyd, All Things About Wolfgang


Wolfgang Serratos Boyd is the daughter of Christian Serratos, who is primarily known for playing the role of Rosie Espinosa in the T.V.T.V. series “ Walking Dead” that airs on A.M.C. in the U.S.U.S., she is also famous for portraying Angela Webber in the Twilight Saga movies and Suzie Cressbrass in ned’s declassified School Survival Guide series telecast on Nickelodeon, she was born and brought up in California in the U.S.A. and had spent her childhood playing skating when she was 3. And she has also ranked at NO 65 on Maxim’s “Hot 100” list for 2010. In the March 2015 issue of playboy magazine, Serratos was featured in the “After hours” section.

Then further, Christian Serratos got married to her longtime boyfriend, David Boyd. The latter is the Danish or American Singer and a vocalist of the Rock Band named “ New Politics”; thus, they welcomed baby a girl together. And therefore, on Mother’s day in 2017, Serratos announced that she received her first child, a baby girl whose name she revealed to be Wolfgang Serratos Boyd. Thus Wolfgang is a celebrity Kid and thus leads a luxurious life, and we will see all the stuff related to Wolfgang from this blog.

Personal Info

  Real Name   Wolfgang Serratos
  Date of birth   In the year 2017
  Age (as in 2022)   Her age as in the year 2022 is 5 years.
  Nationality   American
  Religion   Christian
  Childhood   Wolfgang was born in the year 2017 and thus had spent her childhood in California.
  Family   Her Father’s name is David Boyd and her mother’s name is Christian Serratos.
  Lifestory   Her parents have struggled a lot and obtained fame due to which their daughter became so famous.
  Relationship   Too small to be in a relationship.
  Instagram   Her photos can be seen on Christian Serratos instagram.


Wolfgang Serratos was born in the year 2017, and thus Christian Serratos had posted her news of welcoming Wolfgang on Mother’s Day, but the actual date of birth is still not known and will be updated soon on this blog.

Wolfgang Serratos Boyd’s father and mother.

Wolfgang’s father’s name is David Boyd, who is a Danish American Singer, Songwriter, and dancer who is best known as the lead vocalist of the Danish alternative rock band “New Politics” David has done many songs like ‘Harlem,’ ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah,’’ ‘Tonight You are Perfect,’ ‘West End Kids,’ ‘Give Me Hope’ and many more. At the same time, her mother Christian Serratos who at an age of 7, signed with the Ford Modelling Agency and thus was seen in various series like “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide’, ‘Twilight Saga,’ ‘Selena- The series,’ and has got many awards and also was featured in “Booming Attractions” section and thus is the daughter of very phenomenal parents.

Life story

Wolfgang Serratos is just 5 years; she was born in the year 2017 and thus is a star kid due to her Mother, Christian Serratos, who started her career at the age of 7 years when she signed with the Ford Modelling Agency and thus also had won the Young Artist Award in the year 2009 as a supporting Young Actress.

Thus it will be pretty impressive to know which field would be chosen by their daughter Wolfgang to pursue her career.

While her father, David Boyd, is known to be the lead vocalist on the band Entitled New Politics, and also along with this; he is also a Breakdancer and known as the creator of the Dance Move named Boarding.

Christian Serratos always knew that she wanted to have children. The actress says she has never been happier and also noted that “the girl has Mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger” and also said in one interview that Wolfgang is a well-adapted child and travels a lot because that’s their lifestyle and thus tries not to overanalyze things and therefore let’s see that how she takes up all the good values like her parents and leaves us to the curiosity that in which field she chooses to pursue her career.


Wolfgang Serratos was born in the year 2017, while Christian Serratos had revealed the birth news of Wolfgang on Mother’s Day; thus, her actual birth date is not known, and according to the year 2022,,, her age is 5 years.


As Wolfgang Serratos is just 5 years old and thus it will be not relevant to talk about such a topic as she is busy building her own life and her parents had started dating in the year 2014. Thus, they welcomed their daughter in the year 2017 after their longtime relationship.