Why Living Together Before Marriage Doesn’t Make Healthy Relationship

Everyone wants a healthy relationship, no matter the kind of relationship they have. Marriage is a beautiful relationship that involves compassion, honesty, trust, respect, and healthy communication. What a healthy marital relationship gives you no other premarital relationship issues you. Cohabiters always get disappointed once they enter into the premarital living state.

Here are some terrible factors every cohabiter faces while deciding to live in a premarital relationship, which ultimately ruins the healthy relationship of every couple before their wedding.


Premarital relationships always cause a sense of dissatisfaction and uncertainty. Both partners are unaware of whether they should continue this relationship or break up. Instead, marriage shows you strong belief in each other.

In marriage, both partners do several productive activities to make each other happy. Their relationship blooms like wedding flowers with time. Over time, their relationship gets stronger and healthier because of the increased level of understanding.

High Divorce Rate

Cohabitation is a process executed to change societal norms and perceptions. And cohabitation is immensely adopted by the people of the United States. But premarital cohabitation still appears to be a significant risk factor for divorce in couples.

The definition of cohabitation in divorce is those who start living before marriage, unable to survive for a longer time together. On statistical grounds, studies have shown that 1.31 times higher the rate of divorce is in premarital living. It means more than 75% chance of divorce is due to cohabitating.

High Stress – Level

Living with someone before marriage causes massive stress in a couple. Cohabitation before the union had a lot of destructive impacts; depression and anxiety are one of them. The tension in cohabitating might be due to the following factors;

  • Financial Issues
  • Baseless Long-Term Commitments
  • Misunderstandings
  • Poor Communication
  • Unnecessary Doubts
  • Lack of Mutual Respect

At the initial stage of cohabitating, everything goes smoothly. But gradually, it causes the development of posttraumatic stress symptoms. Because of the increased stress, a couple finds difficulty in resolving disagreements. And slowly, they become the victim of inferiority, leading to domestic violence.


It is very nice to fall in love, but do not let love blind you. Uncontrolled and unconditional love traps you, and nothing is left around you except for regret. Cohabitation is one of the regretful phenomena. Starting an inappropriate relationship with anyone for the long term will never benefit you and your family.

Families do not ever support the decision to live before marriage. And if you stick to continuing such a relationship, you will ultimately be alone. It is a lifetime regret. Not family but society also rejects you.

Not Permanent Relationship

Cohabitation never results in a long-term relationship. Studies have shown that premarital living only stays for more than three or five years. But today, the number of years has declined to one and a half years. The primary reason is couples get fed up with each other by living purposelessly. Cohabiters turn into break ups as they gradually lose their temperament.

In contrast, marriage lasts long because couples are committed to each other. Partners know they must fulfill their commitments before knotting into marital relationships. This commitment heartily promises to strengthen their relationship.