Why Are Plunge Pools Becoming So Popular?


If you’re considering installing a CT plunge pool in your backyard, you’re not alone. Plunge pools have been growing in popularity over the last few years. But why have these small, compact pools become so trendy lately?

Size Matters

One of the main reasons plunge pools are surging in popularity is their small size. While traditional swimming pools require a large footprint, plunge pools can fit into modest outdoor spaces. Their compact dimensions, typically 8 feet by 8 feet or smaller, enable them to squeeze into tight spots in your yard. So, even if you have a tiny yard, patio, or deck, you can still enjoy a personal pool. The small size also keeps installation costs down, since less digging and materials are involved.

Soothing Soaks

Plunge pools are designed for soaking and cooling off, not doing laps. The shallow depth – usually around 4 feet deep – creates a comfortable place to sit and relax. Popping into your backyard pool for a soothing, restorative soak any time you need to unwind becomes easy and convenient with a plunge pool steps from your house. No need to share a community pool or book time at a spa!

Customizable Designs

Today’s plunge pools allow for customized designs to match your unique backyard. Options like infinity edges, boulder water features, and perimeter benches let you create a one-of-a-kind pool and landscape feature. Fiber optic lighting in a variety of colors adds visual drama and allows the pool to do double duty as a nighttime getaway. You can even request waterfalls, fountains, or rain curtains if your vision is really over the top!

Low Maintenance

Keeping a full-sized pool clean, balanced, and operating smoothly can become a chore, not to mention expensive with chemicals, electricity for pumps, and heating bills. But a tiny plunge pool is far easier to care for. Some are designed for saltwater, eliminating the need for chlorine. The small amount of water means filtration costs less. And many include eco-friendly recycling filtration systems that are self-cleaning and energy efficient. Less time and money spent on maintenance means more time relaxing poolside.

Fitness Benefits

While not big enough for swimming laps, a plunge pool still offers fitness benefits. The buoyancy of water lets you move with greater ease, taking pressure off joints during low-impact pool exercises. Doing aerobics in chest deep water provides resistance to increase strength and cardio. Even just walking back and forth engages core muscles to stabilize your balance. And relaxing in warm water can help relieve muscle soreness after strenuous workouts.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Thanks to efficient heating systems, today’s petite pools can be enjoyed year-round, even in cold climates. Low volume plunge pools don’t require nearly the energy expenditure larger pools do to keep heated. And pool enclosure options like retractable roofs allow you to open the structure up on warmer days or close it up to retain heat on cooler nights. So you can unwind in your personal spa no matter the season!

Increases Home Value

Installing a pool immediately boosts your home’s value, and plunge pools deliver this perk without the major investment of a full poolscape. The addition of a water feature draws interest from buyers and gives your listing a competitive edge. And the small footprint means you don’t lose as much functional yard space for gardening, play areas, or entertaining. For resale value and enjoyment, a petite plunge pool is ideal.

If a streamlined, contemporary pool oasis that provides daily renewal and relaxation sounds appealing, a CT plunge pool could be right for your home. Be sure to hire a professional pool design & installation company that specializes in small, custom pool projects. An experienced team skilled at both pool design and installation can bring your vision to life and help to maximize the investment you’re making in a pool.