Why are Ahsoka’s Lightsabers White in Star Wars?


The Ahsoka series contains various options for Star Wars fans, such as the Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels.

Even yet, the question regarding why Ashoka’s lightsabers are white is a query that only the fans who have watched the entire series can completely answer.

The Star Wars galaxy was never good about explaining those little things. For more clarification, let’s start with what is there.

In Ahsoka, the main characters carry two lightsabers, and both of them are Star Wars white lightsabers. Among them, one was shorter as compared to the other.

However, Ahsoka’s lightsaber was not always white, and only fans who have watched “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” will be surprised to see her carrying those white lightsabers.

What Does the Color White Mean for a Lightsaber Blade?

Dave Filoni, who was heavily involved in The Mandalorian, said that the white lightsabers of Ahsoka symbolize the fact that she is neither a Sith nor a Jedi.

It is a color that highlights neutrality, independence, goodness, neutrality, and purity. Also, white is a great representation of the opposite of darkness that she has never stopped fighting.

Ahsoka Tano was purer than the Jedi as she was not attached to any side or the historical past. She was a positive character who had done good for the galaxy.

Here are some reasons why Ahsoka’s lightsabers were white in the Star Wars series –

Ahsoka’s original lightsabers were not white in the beginning.

When Ahsoka was first introduced in the movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the first lightsaber she carried was green.

Later, in the Tales of Jedi, Ahsoka worked on her combat skills and created a second saber with light, which was also a green color.

It was done to complement the original one. But it was not the only color of the saber that you must have seen with Ahsoka.

When Ahsoka was on trial for murdering and leaving the Jedi Order, her original sabers of light were seized.

Further, she temporarily made a comeback to the fight with her former master; even right before the Mandalor was seized, he returned the lightsabers to her.

However, the lightsabers that Anakin used were in a blue color. There is no clear explanation regarding why other than Anakin is saying that he has made the needed improvements to the same.

But those are still not the sabers that you see with Ahsoka today, as her original sabers were abandoned at the burial site of Captain Rex.

It was when Ahsoka was faking her own death and was in exile.

Ahsoka’s White Lightsabers was seen in the Star Wars: Rebels.


Fans have gained a glimpse of Ahsoka’s white light sabers in the Star Wars Rebels. The complete explanation for the same comes from the 2016 novel Ahsoka, which E.K Johnston wrote.

In the book, the Seventh Brother makes an attack on Ahsoka, and she takes the Kyber crystals after defeating him with his dual red lightsaber.

After that, she ” healed” them while turning them white and went on toward the craft-appropriate hilts.

According to Dave Filoni, who is among the show’s creators, the white color is symbolic, and it reflects that Ahsoka was chosen to not align well with Seth or the Jedi.

That describes the Ahsoka you must have seen in The Mandalorian and in a show named after her. It explains why she is still carrying her two white double-bladed lightsabers and will likely continue doing the same.