What Tools and Resources Can Help You in Planning Your Garden?


Starting out a garden is interesting and fun. However, establishing the proper foundation can make it even more fun and successful. Most beginner gardeners now use a popular garden planner software site to review their garden layout, plant types, and options, as well as scout other important information to keep their garden green and colorful.

As a beginner, here are some tools and resources you need to make this new hobby or business a success from day one.

Gardening Tools You Need

There are 5 must-have garden tools that the Real Canadian Management team suggests to keep your garden clean, healthy, and blooming. They are:

Hand Trowel

Hand trowels are a must-have for any gardener, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional gardener. The tool is an everyday companion for small tasks like breaking soil clumps, transferring compost from bags to pots, digging small holes, and seedling transplanting.

Hand trowels are easily accessible at local hardware stores or garden supply stores.

As a beginner, you may not need to splurge excessively on your first-choice hand-held trowel. However, you need them to make your experience better.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears look like scissors, however, they are stronger and easier to handle and use in the garden. The shears are great for harvesting your garden produce without damaging weak stems.

As a sharp garden tool, you can also use the shears to clean-cut stems for stem grafting purposes.

Similar to the hand trowel, you can get this tool at your local hardware store or at the nearest gardening store.

Watering Can and/or Hose

Plants need two important elements for growth and survival; water and sunlight.

A watering can or hose is an important addition to your gardening tools, especially if you want to keep your plants healthy and growing. Watering cans are available in different sizes, depending on your preferences.

Hoses are also an important substitute for watering cans, especially if you have a larger garden or wish to eliminate the back and forth of carrying watering cans.

As with most garden supplies, you can get these tools at the garden supply store.

Angled Shovel

Angled shovels are a must-have, especially when working on a larger or permanent garden. They are important for digging the soil, relocating plants, and moving soil from one area to another.

If you’re starting off your garden on land or planning out your landscaping dream, this is an essential tool to keep in your arsenal.

Garden Rake

Garden rakes are great for removing dead leaves, mowed grasses, and leveling the soil. They are a must-have, whether you’re working on the entire yard or a section of it.

The long handles are also a great prop for making small holes in the ground for stakes, deep-planted seeds, and more.

Gardening Resources You Need

Translating your dreams into reality can be a challenging part of gardening. Thankfully, there are many resources that eliminate the mental stress and hassles involved. Here are a few resources you may need as you plan your garden.


Seeds and planting seasons are perhaps the most important aspect of your garden’s success. Knowing which seeds to plant and when to plant them increases the chances of success while reducing your overall gardening costs.

SeedTime makes planting your desired garden elements easier by offering all the information you need to know about different plant seeds, how to plant them, and when to plant them.

With this important resource, you can ensure the best possible outcomes for your garden.

Garden Planner Online

Garden Planner Online, as the name suggests, helps you plan your garden while eliminating the trial and error process. With this online tool, you can customize the size, shape, and layout of your garden based on the space available to you.

The best part is you can add anything you want to your virtual garden space, from grasses to trees, shrubs, flowers, and even hardscapes like patios.

With this resource, you can make iterations to your idea until you find a perfect fit that translates your garden dreams into reality.

Better Homes and Garden Plan-a-Garden

This is another important graphic resource for planning your garden to the last detail. With this resource, you can visualize all the elements in your garden before you buy anything. It also gives you a clear path to where each element goes, as well as how to best manage your space for the most outcome.

You can always save your iterations, come back to edit them, and tweak your proposed garden visuals until you get the right outcome that suits your expectations.

The above tools and resources can significantly improve your gardening experience. Leverage them as you start your journey to discovering more plants and connecting with nature.