What Are The Most Basic Things to Keep In Mind Before Starting a Cold Storage System?

Cold storage systems are becoming increasingly popular as a way to store food at optimal temperatures – keeping food fresh longer. But before jumping straight into purchasing this new equipment, it’s important to keep in mind some of the basic factors concerning cold storage systems. Understanding these core elements will help ensure you have everything necessary for long-term success with your setup and ease any worries about maintenance or repair needs down the line. In this post, we’ll cover all of the must-haves before starting a cold storage system and make sure that you feel comfortable with taking on this new venture.


Depending on your needs, Fripp Warehousing provides a variety of cooler storage choices with sizes varying from 500 to 8000 square feet, allowing businesses to select an optimal size that can fit their short and long-term produce storing requirements. Bigger units are beneficial as they allow you extra space for any necessary expansions in the future or be used for different purposes, such as preserving food products or raw materials. If you plan thoughtfully and consider all the size alternatives available to you when selecting your cold storage unit, you are sure to have the capabilities to efficiently manage any unpredictable growth in your business.

Refrigeration System

One of the most integral pieces involves the type of refrigeration system used. Generally, refrigeration units are serviced by an evaporator that absorbs heat from the interior of a cold room, and a condenser to discharge this heat. You can choose between clip-on or remote condensing systems depending on your needs. A clip-on design has the evaporator and condenser housed together in one unit. This type of setup is ideal for small storage with single-temperature needs.

If you’re dealing with a larger room, you’ll likely want to go with a remote condensing system where both components are individually connected via pipelines – this setup makes heat release more efficient. No matter what your requirements may be, it’s essential to pay close attention when selecting your cold storage systems.

Temperature Control

You want to make sure you find a cold storage facility with dependable temperature regulation capabilities so your products are kept at the right temperatures. Advanced facilities also feature separate cool zones you can use for various types of products, which adds extra convenience and capabilities to your store.

Consider investing in a control panel you can use to adjust temperatures more efficiently and precisely. These features ensure that your cold storage system remains efficient and productive for years.


The design of the cold room is crucial, as its efficiency and effectiveness are heavily dependent on its construction. When selecting the best option for your company, evaluating and contrasting multiple options should be carried out. Moreover, you shouldn’t ignore nuances of how the walls will impact the efficacy of the refrigeration system; you should also note if frequent deep-freezing applications are needed.

You can always apply flexible criteria if you’re just looking to store vegetables in cool rooms.

Location and Accessibility

A top priority when setting up a cold storage system is to ensure the location is accessible and practical, not just in terms of local transport links but also for wider international reach. Accessibility is crucial for your daily operations and fuel mileage and avoids potential delays or disruptions that could have major long-term implications for your business. If your business has a global scope, then seeking out storage facilities connected across borders can open up new opportunities – potentially saving costs, logistical travels, and having a positive environmental impact.

Consider ease of access from multiple angles to ensure the continued success of your cold storage system.

Integrated Logistics

Taking an integrated and comprehensive logistical approach can be extremely beneficial for business owners. A specialized logistic provider simplifies the process by offering delivery, storage, and value-added solutions for a truly tailored experience. With time and money saved, you have more resources to direct toward other essential aspects of your operation. It is also beneficial to research whether the chosen provider already serves exceptional frozen food manufacturers and meets KPI targets to guarantee success.

Investing time in smoothing out the logistics before starting a cold storage system reduces potential stress later.

Setting up a cold storage system may seem complex, but with the right research and preparation, it can be a seamless process. Keeping these most basic considerations in mind before starting the process will ensure you have a reliable, efficient, and safe system that provides optimal performance for years to come.