Wellness In The Yard: Health Benefits of Being Outside (At Home)

As the days stretch on, spending time with nature in our own backyards has become a saving grace. And even when you can’t leave home for one reason or the other, you can still reap all the health benefits of Mother Nature. Whether you’re an avid gardener or just a lover of fresh air and sunshine, there are countless ways to get outdoors and stay well in your very own yard. From boosting your mood & vitality to strengthening immunity and so much more – let’s explore some easy ways for you to find wellness within your backyard. And if your backyard is just sitting bare, call Avalon Design Group for landscaping services and start making use of your yard in no time.

But first, here are the health benefits of being outside at home;

Better Breathing

For those lucky enough to have a yard, it can be the perfect escape from everyday stress. Going outside and taking a stroll has numerous health benefits, but there is something special about being in our own space and reconnecting with nature. Being outside helps us consume more oxygen stirring up our senses while encouraging us to take deeper breaths. With every inhalation comes a revitalizing and mitigating effect on anxiety. One deep breath can provide an instant sense of calm and clarity that no indoor air conditioner or fan could ever replicate. A few deep breaths are all we need sometimes to start feeling better.

Improved Sleep

During the long days of summer, curling up underneath a cool sheet and enjoying a good night’s rest seems to come more naturally. While many people attribute their improved sleep to warmer weather, they may be surprised to learn that there are some additional health benefits derived from spending time outdoors in their own backyard. Studies have found that being outdoors during daylight can help reset the body’s natural “circadian clock,” enabling it to recognize when it is time for being active and awake, as well as when it should transition into a relaxed mode suitable for sleep. For those looking to improve their nightly rest, incorporating outdoor activities such as gardening or jogging can be beneficial – not only boosting energy levels during waking hours but providing dramatic improvements in the quality of sleep and a feeling of general wellness.

Reduce Depression

The joy of being outside can have profound effects on one’s mental health; studies have found that spending time in a natural environment is linked to reducing depression. Spending time in nature boosts serotonin (the hormone associated with happiness) while replenishing the body and mind. This type of exposure also increases creativity and productivity and promotes relaxation. For those with anxiety or depression, being outdoors relieves stress by providing a sense of comfort and safety as you reconnect with your environment. From socializing with neighbors in your yard to creating a garden space filled with beautiful foliage – utilize your yard as a means to escape from the day-to-day, bringing increased positivity and balance into your life.

Boost Immune Function

During uncertain times, getting outside and being with nature can offer many benefits to our physical and mental health, especially when it comes to the power of boosting our immune system. While we may be limited in the places where we can go right now, spending time in your own backyard is a simple, safe way to pop open the door to wellness. Being outside increases your exposure to Vitamin D and fresh air – natural all-stars when it comes to supporting your overall health. Forest bathing also encourages slipping into a relaxed state while allowing your senses to connect with nature – something that feels particularly satisfying now when life has become so detached. With a few added touches like lookouts, hammocks, and comfy seating areas – your own yard can turn into a perfect little place for self-care.

Lower Blood Pressure

Staying active outdoors also helps lower blood pressure. Whether you practice yoga in the backyard or jog around the block, playing outdoors helps diminish stress and calms the nervous system. By starting your day with a daily outdoor ritual, you can enjoy improved blood pressure levels as well as feel more energized and balanced so your body functions at its best all day long.

Being outside has unquantifiable benefits for the body and mind, which is why we should all make an effort to get outside every day, even if it’s just in our own backyard. From improving our moods to boosting our immune system, there are countless reasons why being outside is good for us. So go ahead and take a break from your screen, step outside, and breathe in some fresh air.