Web App Development Companies Tips to Create Intuitive Web Apps


Want to create a web application that can increase conversions and boost your profits? Looking for agencies to develop web apps that help users interact with your business and gain information? 

User experience design is an essential ingredient of your app design that can influence user satisfaction. It can make your designs accessible, intuitive, and usable. This translates into increased engagement and improved retention for the business.

You must implement the best practices and top tips to craft a UX-led design. Here are a few tips from the top web app development companies that can help design experiential and engaging applications. 

5 Top Tips to Craft UX-Led Web Applications

User experience strategies can help deliver usable, consistent, and high-performing applications to users. It addresses the user’s pain points and improves satisfaction scores for your app. 

Let’s look at how you can elevate the experience with your design strategies. 

#1 User-led Designs

Your designs should prioritize the user’s movements and requirements. You must think user-first during the planning, wireframing, and actual design phases. 

  • Your big bang in the design occurs when you conduct detailed user research. The secondary research will extend insights into their behaviors, app usage, and goals. You can use surveys and focused group interviews to understand their pain points. 
  • You must create the wireframes to translate your insights into an application structure. You can also define the app’s flow at this point. Moreover, this will help you decide on the placements of elements and design the interaction points. 
  • By developing a prototype, you can map the user’s journey into a simulation version. It will help gather the user’s feedback and get their thoughts on your app idea. You can use the feedback to design the final product for the business. 

#2 Intuitive and Appealing Visuals

The visual elements are critical for a positive user experience. You must ensure the design appeals to the user’s eye and fosters engagement. 

  • Creating a clear and defined menu layout can ensure intuitive user movements around the application. You must ensure a clear visual hierarchy that can improve the interactions.
  • Whitespace is a critical design element. If you have a cluttered screen, your users won’t get anything done. You must always use the “one-task, one-screen” method to reduce the visual overload. This would ensure maximum actions.
  • The colors on the application should resonate with your brand’s elements. You must evoke emotional responses from your users. When using contrasts, make sure you take note of visual impairments. Your color palette should be accessible to everyone. 
  • The typography is equally essential to ensure clean and crisp visual elements. You must stay consistent with the fonts and typography styles. You can also use the font size to clarify the hierarchies on the application. 

#3 Creating Fluid Movements

Users love it when their movements and interactions are fluid and seamless. You must always make things simple for them. 

  • Imagine designing for a 6” screen while your user accesses it on a 5” screen. The elements overlap,  creating a design disaster. You can avoid it by crafting adaptive layouts. The responsive designs can immediately match the screen size and device needs. As a result, the experience stays consistent throughout.
  • You must use simple and clear form designs. You can use inline validations that offer feedback while the user is filling out forms. Moreover, you can also reduce the number of fields in your form. 
  • You don’t need to throw all the information at your users all at once. You can progressively showcase the content so that the users aren’t overwhelmed. Moreover, you can use contextual help or tooltips to offer extra information as needed. 
  • Visual feedback is an important part of your user’s app journey. You can use subtle animations or design micro-interactions to implement them. The visual feedback will enable the user to stay on the app and complete the actions. 

#4 Add Feedback and Responses

Your design should extend feedback throughout the interactions. It will guide the users on the web application.

  • Be clear with the messages you aim to display on the application. If there has been an error while submitting the forms, you must use crisp lines to describe it. 
  • You must add specific feedback messages. Use animations or indicators to showcase the user’s progress. This would increase the user’s experience while accessing the application.
  • Error handling is a crucial aspect of web app experiences. You must add error messages along with the action steps. You can also specify the details concerning the error. Using simple messages, you can reduce your user’s frustration. 

#5 Accessible and Inclusive Applications

Accessibility is a key practice in most regions. It is legally crucial for web app development companies to create an inclusive design structure. 

  • You must ensure that users can navigate using the keyboards. Test to identify and address keyboard navigation issues.
  •  Add alt text for the images so that users with visual impairments can understand the purpose of the visual content. 
  • To enhance the text readability, you must define a colour contrast between the text and the background. This would also help people with colour blindness or low vision to access the copies.
  • Your web application should be compatible with screen readers. This will help users access the information easily. 


A seamless user experience is a combination of thoughtful designs, well-defined functionality and key UX principles. When you craft usable, accessible and intuitive interactions, you are creating UX-led web applications. These elements can help you exceed your user’s expectations and improve engagement. 

To ensure your UX journey is seamless, you must implement user feedback, incorporate iterative designs and continuously test the application. By adding UX to your core design strategy,  you can delight your customers and improve your app’s retention.