Unraveling the Main Cause of Bed Bugs in Lansing, Michigan


Have you noticed the presence of bed bugs in Lansing Michigan, despite making sure everywhere is clean, and you are wondering what the cause could be? Well, first of all, bed bug presence doesn’t mean that the homes, offices, schools, or facilities are dirty or unhygienic. It also doesn’t mean that proper pest control initiatives are not being carried out by Pest Control Services in Lansing Michigan.

Bed bugs are quite notorious for their ability to hitchhike on unsuspecting people who end up bringing them into a previously bed bug-free area. The source could have been a friend or relative’s apartment, a hotel room, or from a hospital waiting room.

Keep reading to learn about the main cause of bed bugs around Lansing, Michigan

What Is the Major Cause of Bed Bugs in Lansing, Michigan?

One major cause of high bed bug infestation is immigration from one place to another. The constant influx of people from various locations can cause increased infestation. Because of the ability of bedbugs to hide well, most people may not notice that these pests have already infested an area.

Once they are established in an area, they can speedily travel either on their own or by joining themselves to people’s clothes and belongings. As such, there’s that possibility of one taking them from place to place unconsciously, causing their rapid spread.

Another cause of bed bugs may be the poor use of insecticides or using the wrong kind of insecticides for bed bug treatments. One thing you must know is that bed bugs are difficult to kill and require the proper and most effective pesticides to exterminate them.

Some local pesticides may not be able to do that because of the developed resistance of bedbugs to many of these pesticides. They may go into hiding for a while, only to resurface later to cause more havoc. This is why it is highly recommended to check with pest control services for pesticides that are potent in killing these disturbing creatures.

How to Inspect an Area for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can hide anywhere, even in the tiniest cracks or openings. However, they like to hide in areas people lie on so they can easily creep out to suck blood. If you have a disturbing feeling that bed bugs may be in your present area, you can do a quick check using a bright flashlight either from a torch or your phone.

Start by checking within 15 or 20 feet around the beds or living room couches. You should cover your hands with a glove while doing this, so if anyone creeps on you, they’ll be visible. Inspect cracks and crevices carefully around any wooden surface or furniture like the bed floors or wardrobes.

You can also check the tip or angles of the beds, walls, window coverings, electrical systems, decoration, floor coverings, trims, and any upholstered furniture around. Signs that indicate the infestation of bed bugs include:

  • Living or dead bed bugs
  • Empty skins shed during different growth cycles by the bed bugs
  • Bed bugs eggs
  • Droppings or fecal stains associated with bedbugs

If you are not familiar with some of these signs, you can check online to get definite images to get accurate results after your inspection. Also, if you are lodging in a hotel room or a friend’s apartment, you can get the person in charge involved with the inspection so they’ll be actively involved to help with any actions to be taken if a negative result is gotten.

What to Do If Bed Bugs Infest an Area

  • Check If It’s Legal To DIY in That Area

After you’ve thoroughly inspected an area and noticed beg bug infestation, the first thing is to find out if it’s legal to carry out treatment procedures by yourself. If it’s in a rented apartment, hotel room, or in a friend’s apartment, the proper action is to ask or make inquiries from the landlord, manager, or caretaker of the home. Some landlords, hotels, or friends may want to engage with the help of professional services. Also, it is illegal in Michigan to treat schools, daycares, or any public place with pesticides without professional training.

  • Decide Whether To Hire Professional Pest Control Services

Without the help of professional pest control services, you may have a tough time controlling those bed bugs. These pests have characteristics that make them very hard to kill. However, professional control pest services are trained and licensed to detect and isolate infestations of bed bugs. This gives them a high chance of successfully exterminating them. They know the proper places to check, effective insecticides to apply, and safety precautions to carry out to avoid any harm to those around them or their properties. Therefore, no matter the cost, it’s more productive to hire their services.

Although bed bugs are not known to spread disease, they can cause skin irritations, anemia, and massive sleep disturbances. It is, therefore, necessary that the right insecticides and professionals properly control them. Knowing the cause of their infestations will help you minimize their spread and curtail any harm they cause to individuals.