Tips for a Successful and Stress-Free Move

A move is exciting, but it is often stressful whether you are on a generous or tight budget. You may have accepted that moving is stressful, but this doesn’t mean you should let it take a toll on you. You can do a lot to make a move more of a breeze, whether juggling the relocation with responsibilities like work, business, or caring for your family. Read on for a few straightforward tips to make your move successful and stress-free.

Start early

Unless the move is an emergency, where you must drop everything all at once and go, you must create a schedule to facilitate a smooth move. You can start packing weeks before the moving date, which saves you more time and energy. For instance, you can pack all the items you don’t use daily, room by room. By the time you are due to move, you’ll have covered most of the packing since only the essentials you use daily will remain. Craft a schedule, such as assigning the days to work in each room. This means you break down the process into smaller and more manageable tasks. Sticking to such a plan will help you do most of the heavy lifting with fewer hassles, and once D-day comes, you will have an easier time packing the rest, loading up, and moving.

Recruit some help

Your friends may not be thrilled that you are moving, but it doesn’t mean they can’t help. With their help, you can speed up the packing and free up time to make a move more manageable.

The trick to recruiting more help is making the process fun. For instance, instead of asking your friends to drop their weekend plans to help you, how about inviting them for a fun-filled day? You can make the packing fun, reminiscing those moments as you get things done over drinks and snacks.

Stay organized

The last thing you want is to seal those boxes without knowing what’s inside. This is more so now that you have more help and everyone packs different things. This would see you to incur massive losses since you won’t handle the boxes with the care they need. For example, you could be less careful with a box loaded with your expensive china set, only for them to break or scratch. Organizing the items with labels minimizes such instances.

Moreover, after the move, you’ll have an easier time unpacking. Some items can remain in the boxes weeks after the move, unlike the essentials you must unpack for daily use. With the labels, you won’t create a mess since you’ll unpack according to priority, not every box struggling to find something.

Hire professional movers

Professional movers can take most if not all, your moving worries. They have the skills, experience, and resources needed for the process. However, not everyone with a truck and some boxes qualify for the job. You need to dig deeper to ensure you choose the exemplary moving service. The good news is that the process is not overwhelming, especially with the online resources. For instance, check out this Hauzisha review; you’ll learn much about the top movers in Nairobi, including their location, operation hours, and ratings from their previous clients. This way, you’ll easily select the most suitable service to handle your needs comfortably.

With the right movers, you won’t deal with hassles such as picking a small truck that can’t fit your belongings, forcing you to make multiple trips. You’ll also ensure your valuables are in safer hands since the professionals know how to handle even those fragile items, from packing and loading to the vehicles and unloading upon arrival. Even better, you’ll be safer since you’ll avoid concerns like throwing your back and trying to load bulky items like furniture.


If there was a perfect time to purge, it was during a move. Getting rid of those items you don’t use or need anymore means fewer things to pack and a smaller load. You can sell, donate, or throw out more than you may expect, especially now that you are going room by room. While clearing the unwanted items, you could even find some that you can use for packaging, such as a protective layer to cushion those fragile valuables, saving you more money on packaging materials. Decluttering comes in handy even after the move since you’ll have an easier time organizing your new home.

Keep it together

Moving is not only physically but also emotionally demanding. Therefore, you must stay grounded to ensure the emotional toll doesn’t get in the way. This is easier said than done, especially if a family is looking up to you for confidence and support. A trick that can help is staying focused on the exciting adventures that await in your new home rather than reminiscing on the memories you’ve made in your current residence. This will help you keep packing and moving instead of struggling to break the emotional ties with the space you vacate.

Moving is among the most stressful life events for many, especially considering the physical and emotional demands. Nonetheless, as highlighted above, you can make it much less stressful and enjoy a successful move with a few measures. During the moving day, pack an overnight bag loaded with the essentials you need for the first and probably the second day to make settling in your new home more accessible.