Thomas Boone Quaid Bio, Personal Life, Parents And Siblings

Thomas Boone Quaid

Thomas Boone Quaid is a teenage celebrity child from America who grabbed public attention because of his father, Dennis Quaid, who is an actor. Today we are not here to talk about the father of Thomas Boone Quaid but about himself.

So, read the article further and find out the details about his life like early life, family, education, profession, love life, net worth, earnings, and many other such details.

Personal life

Thomas Boone Quaid marked his presence in the world on 8 November 2007 in Santa Monica, California to Dennis Quaid and his then-wife Kimberly Buffington. The interesting thing about the birth of Thomas Boone Quaid is that he was born via surrogacy. If we talk about the religious views of Thomas Boone Quaid, it is not really confirmed but we believe that he might be a Christian because his father follows the same religion.

Coming to the personal life of Thomas Boone Quaid, he is a young lad of 16 years old. Given the fact, he might have started dating someone. However, nothing related to this has been revealed to the public.

Parents and siblings

Thomas Boone Quaid is the twin children of his parents, Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington, who welcomed their kids via surrogacy. His parents got married in 2004 and divorced in 2018 after many ups and downs in their relationship. After that, the father of Thomas Boone Quaid got into some other romantic relationship while no information was available about the love life of his mother.

If you talk about their profession, you already know that the father of Thomas Boone Quaid is an actor, whereas his mother is a real estate agent. As for the siblings of Thomas Boone Quaid, the name of his twin sister is Zoe Grace.


With the fact that Thomas Boone Quaid is only 16 years old today, we expect that he must not have any kids.

Education and profession

The educational as well as professional details of Thomas Boone Quaid remain a mystery to the public. His parents never revealed any details regarding the same. However, considering his age, it can be said that Thomas Boone Quaid might have started going to college.

Reason for the popularity of Thomas Boone Quaid

It is pretty obvious that the only reason for the popularity of Thomas Boone Quaid is his father, Dennis Quaid, who has gained significant success in the American film industry. Besides that, he also grabs public attention because of his personal life.

Net worth of Thomas Boone Quaid

Let us tell you without beating around the bush that Thomas Boone Quaid does not have any net worth as of now because he has yet to start his professional career. If we talk about the net worth of his father, Dennis Quaid, he has earned a huge amount of money in his life so far. Currently, he is the proud owner of 30 million.


Grabbing public attention is not a big thing for Thomas Boone Quaid because he is the son of such a great film actor. It would be interesting to see whether or not he follows the footprints of his father.