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Beyond Seattle: The Untapped Real Estate Potential of Redmond


Whenever we think about the picture-like beauty of the West Coast the name Seattle comes to our mind first. Redmond, located just 15 miles away, is another land full of unexplored real estate treasures that investors will admire. Most importantly, we can call it a rising star in the region’s real estate market.

Economic growth is not just limited to Seattle anymore. With its scenic beauty, Redmond is also developing rapidly as a real estate market with immense possibilities. Besides, its tech industry is also expanding fast. That’s why professionals keep looking for suitable homes and are also ready to pay higher rents. 

According to the experts of the Redmond property management companies, the city’s immense potential is unexplored. Therefore, investors should include this city in their checklist. Also, let’s see why Redmond should be on their radar.

Redmond Real Estate Market: Reasons Why It Should be Real Estate Investor’s Choice


1. Seattle is Not Too Far: 

This is probably the primary reason why home buyers prefer Redmond which is only 24 KM away. This gives residents the benefit of both cities. Besides, they can also enjoy the quieter, more suburban lifestyle of Redmond. Also, the residents can get easy access to Seattle’s job market. All of these amenities have made Redmond a perfect real estate investment option.

2. Various Employment Opportunities: 

Redmond’s tech industry has already started expanding. Apart from big names like Microsoft, many other tech companies are creating better job opportunities. Besides, there are many mid-sized companies and startups which are attracting young working professionals. In this way, Redmond has become a diverse job market. Moreover, it’s also boosting the demand for housing in the area. 

Did you Know?
Microsoft and Facebook are among the top tech employers in Redmond.

3. Better Education and Quality of Life: 

These days staying in Redmond means saying yes to a high-quality life. Besides, Redmond also has excellent schools, parks, and recreational opportunities. Moreover, families can also enjoy their life due to its family-friendly atmosphere within a city. That’s why even the demand for multi-family houses is rising in Redmond.

Did you Know?
In Redmond, buying a 4,160 sq ft multi-family flat may cost $27,00000. 

4. Price Growth of Property: 

Investors who expect profitable property prices will find Redmond as a great investment opportunity. After all, the market has seen steady price growth in its real estate market. Yes, that’s the market trend for the last few years. Apart from job seekers, students also find it a suitable place to stay. So, investors can enter a competitive real estate market by finding the right Redmond property for investment. 

5. It’s a Market for Seller:

Selling your property is another investment option. Redmond is certainly ideal for sellers. Reason, Redmond’s housing market is insufficient to support the selling of all available properties. Actually, it comes with a limited housing inventory. In simple terms, there are more dwellings needed than there are available. Moreover, the bidding process is too fast. Therefore, you can sell your property to a buyer who will pay your expected amount.

6. Liberal and Helpful Law: 

The government of Redmond has taken many initiatives for the benefit of both the tenants and the landlords. Besides, many rules have been introduced that can safeguard both. Moreover, the government also helps lower-income group home buyers with loan and down payment benefits. Thus, even lower-income groups can also afford to buy homes in the city. Doesn’t it make Redmond a more exciting opportunity?

7. Many Types of House Size: 

Buyers or tenants always look for the ideal size of homes. In Redmond, homes are available in multiple sizes. It’s even an ideal city to live with one’s family. After all, homes with many bedrooms are also available. For instance, 6-bedroom homes are also available. Also, the scope of luxury living is not very low. Buyers can easily find homes that are well-furnished and include modern appliances. If you have a residential property in Redmond, it’s time that you turn it into a luxurious option. 

8. Outstanding Locations:

Redmond has some beautiful locations that are not just attractions for tourists but also the home buyers. Moreover, each of these locations is also famous for specific reasons. For instance, Overlake is one of the great locations that is ideal for families and tech professionals. Again, Education Hill is a place that is well-known for highly-rated schools. 


We all know Seattle’s name as a real estate hotspot but cannot deny the growing importance of Redmond. It’s not just all about the natural beauty but also related to its other amenities. Besides, its growth as a tech hub has also made real estate investors more interested. Above all, investors must take their chance to explore the market. So, start your Redmond real estate investment journey and experience new possibilities.