The Rise of Etrikes: Why More People are Embracing this Trend


Are you ready to embark on an exciting and eco-friendly adventure? Look no further than the Addmotor Grandtan Electric cargo trike. With powerful performance, innovative design and great features, the electric cargo trike is perfect for daily commutes and leisurely trips. Explore the world of etrikes, learn about the amazing features of the Addmotor Grandtan and understand why it is the perfect choice for riders of all ages and abilities.

What benefits of using an electric cargo trike? 

From personal savings and comfort to societal benefits such as less pollution and smoother traffic, there are countless benefits to using an electric cargo trike.

– Cutting costs

Buying an electric cargo trike is much less expensive than a car.  The price of each mile is ten times less than a gasoline engined car. In addition, in crowded city centres, bikes are not subject to emissions tax and parking fees. The speed at which riders can find parking spaces and pass through traffic more efficiently gives them a time advantage over cars. It’s hard not to see the benefits of combining it with lower monthly maintenance.

– Environmentally Friendly

Electric cargo trikes are a great alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles.  In producing zero emissions, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more healthy environment, these tricycles use electric power.

– Faster commuting

Car traffic moves notoriously slowly in congested cities. For instance, the average speed of journeys in central London on weekday mornings was a 6-mile hour in 2018. For bikes, it was 9 miles per hour. It’s safe for the planet since it produces no toxic emissions. Depending on their capacity, a wide range of etrikes can travel between 60 and 85 miles at one charge or more.  You don’t need fuel or gas for driving these trikes. One thing is certain is that electric cargo trikes move faster than cars in traffic. The development of bike infrastructure could enhance this advantage.

-Flexibility and accessibility

Etrikes can be used for a variety of situations and their needs are met by different types of riders. They’re very convenient for commuting, running an errand or taking a leisurely walk. In addition, people with reduced mobility or physical disabilities can experience the joy of cycling with the help of etrikes.

– Active travel

Riding an electric cargo trike is a fun way to stay active while you work. It’s hard to balance work and the gym, so cycling to work is the perfect solution. Using a cargo e-bike is an accessible, low-impact method to stay active.

Best Electric cargo trike by Addmotor


The Addmotor Grandtan Electric cargo trike is a great choice for adults and older people concerned about stability or balance and those looking for an exciting and efficient way of getting around town. The engine of this electric cargo trike is a powerful 48V*750W brushless Befang motor with plenty of acceleration and hill-climbing torque. It’s a powerful motor and, thanks to its energy efficiency, it saves electricity bills for the rider.

You can expect plenty of power and torque for a smooth yet powerful ride with Max Motor Torque of 80 Nm. This Electric cargo trike offers a 5-inch LCD of your Grandtan. The LCD shall update the rider on battery use, miles traveled, speed, lighting usage, PAS level, current engine horsepower, and anything else that may assist them in riding more easily with a three-wheel electric bike.

The upgraded Grandtan Electric Trike comes with fat tires, offering better traction and riding experience while being more solid. The Grandtan electric fat trike also has a wide, butterfly-like eco-friendly wooden footrest that helps support your feet after a long ride. This adjustable footrest has a firm grip to ensure your feet are secure while you ride. The ergonomic seat with a backrest that can be adjusted to your body is available.

Adjusting the backrest offers a higher degree of comfort, allowing the rider to sit up and feel relaxed as he rides. This electric cargo trike has a maximum load capacity of 350 +100 pounds, so it’s perfect for carrying large items or passengers. The Grandtan electric cargo trike easily transports goods and people over short or long distances!

Other Key Features

  • STEP-THRU frame
  • Front and Rear basket
  • Disc-Mechanical brake system

FAQ About Electric cargo trike

Can I adjust the seat height and handlebars on the etrike?

Yes, the Addmotor Grandtan Electric cargo trike has an adjustable saddle height and handlebars, allowing you to customize the riding position for optimal comfort and ergonomics.

– How long does it take to fully charge the trike?

The charging time of the Grandtan Etrike depends on the capacity of the battery  and the charger used. In general, full charging of the battery takes around 10 hours.

– Is an Electric Cargo Trike Easy to Ride?

Learning to maneuver the luggage cart is the hardest part of getting used to a cargo bike. The center of gravity is very low and close to the front of the bike, making it very stable. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out how fast you can move a cargo bike after your short practice.


Addmotor GRANDTAN is an excellent electric cargo trike for adults, with features that make it comfortable and secure, it is an updated Grandtan etrike 2023. Thanks to its fat wheels, it has an enlarged range of movement, backrest adjustment, and enhanced comfort. It’s a great etrike for long distances, with a range of 85 miles. Overall, this electric adult trike is a wonderful choice for those who wish to take advantage of their cycling journeys and explore the distance.