The Different Types of Luvme Hair Curly Wig


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As wigs become a part of a lot of women’s lives it is more important now than ever for wigs to cater to different people’s needs. Straight wigs have been the mainstream choice for women. However, there has been a high demand for wigs that are more in line with people with different hair textures. Wigs have evolved to be able to mimic the look of one’s natural hair. They are supposed to amplify women’s beauty and for many wearers elevate their style. This has brought about the rise and popularity of curly wigs. In this article, we get to explore curly wigs in today’s wig world, and the different types of curly wigs out in the market.



  1. What is A Curly Wig
  2. The different Types of Curly Wigs
  3. How to Maintain A Curly Wig
  4. About Luvme Hair
  5. Conclusion

What is A Curly Wig

Curly wigs are wigs that are designed to imitate women who have textured hair. That is hair that is not straight. With the rise of the naturally curly hair community, there has been a growth in the love of curly hair. With that, many women with curly hair want to wear curly wigs that are similar to their hair or those who want to feel or look like curly hair. This appreciation of curly hair has spilled over the wig world with a demand for more wigs that are similar to textured hair. Curly wigs add some fun and flair to one’s overall look. A curly wig is created to have similar textures and patterns for women with different types of curly hair.

Curly wigs due to the texture pattern always have a very voluminous and full appearance. These are beautiful statement wigs that are guaranteed to bring positive attention to you as to how great and big the curly wig looks. Curly wigs permit women with naturally curly hair to express themselves with curly wigs that make them feel as true to themselves as possible.

The different Types of Curly Wigs

Naturally, hair comes in different textures and patterns that are very unique. Similarly, curly wigs come in varying forms;

  • Loose curly wigs- loose curly wigs have hair strands that are characterized by shiny large flowy loose curls. They have the appearance of a relaxed beach look. They have the appearance of large soft natural looking curls.
  • Water wave wigs– they have the appearance of soft waves of a loose S-pattern. They have a soft and gentle wave look.
  • Kinky curly wigs– these are tightly defined curls that look like tiny springs the size of pencils. They give the curly wig a mesmerizing curly definition all around.
  • Afro curly wigs- greatly resemble black women’s hair⁰ with beautiful light curls. They are tiny tight curls that have over 75% shrinkage when stretched. They are naturally dense curly wigs that have a voluminous look and naturally have a fuller look.

How to Maintain A Curly Wig

Curly wigs technically require minimal care, unlike most wigs. Nonetheless, caring for a curly wig is paramount for the longevity of its wearability. Below are a few tips that will keep your curly wigs looking great.

  • Moisturize Your Wig

Curly wigs thrive on being well moisturized and uniformed and gorgeous curls are pronounced when a curly wig is moisturized. The curls are less frizzy and have a healthy shine and healthy appearance. Use curly hair products to moisturize and define the curls of the wig.

  • Detangle

Curly wigs look amazing due to the curl patterns, however, it is very easy for the curly strands of a curly wig to get tangled and matted. It is crucial to ensure the curly wig is detangled to avoid this. Matting can lead to wigs drying out, getting knots and causing dryness, and unfortunately damaging the curly wig. To extend the longevity of the curly wig, regularly detangle your wig. You can use your fingers or a wide toothcomb as a tool of choice for this. Additionally, a detangling spray to ease the process of separating the curls.

  • Heat

Curly wigs excel from not needing heat due to their texture and pattern. With human hair curly wigs, you can use heat to help create beautiful curls and amplify the curl pattern with different curl and wave patterns. If you choose to use heat in your curly wig, use a heat protectant to protect and preserve the integrity of the curly wig.


About Luvme Hair  

Luvme Hair is dedicated to creating high-quality curly wigs crafted to ensure each curl pattern and texture ensures all women can identify and define a curly wig that suits their preferences. Luvme Hair is committed to providing luxury, quality, and memorable experiences exceptional to all customers. Not only does Luvme Hair take into account the need for the availability of variations of different curly wigs. Luvme Hair curly wigs are identifiable with their subtle natural shine and luster of the curly wig hair texture.

The Luvme Hair curly wigs have been created to imitate the appearance of natural curly-haired women with the use of 100% human hair which is key to the foundation of high-quality curly wigs. A human hair curly wig has outstanding longevity and it is resistant to damage. The curly wig is going to be hydrated and the curls will be more defined. Lastly, there is room for versatility as human hair curly wigs can take heat well allowing the wearer to create a vast number of beautiful curls styles with their curly wig.

Luvme Hair understands natural-looking curly wigs have a dense appearance which they have achieved. Additional to counter that voluminous appearance. Luvme Hair premium quality curly wigs are lightweight. You do not have to worry about feeling bulky wearing a curly wig. They are soft, light, comfortable, and can be worn for long periods easily.


You get to try fine-defining beautiful looks with curly wigs. Curly wigs can amplify one’s looks. Thanks to high-quality brands such as Luvme Hair you get to choose from a wide selection of different types of curly wigs that meet your need to switch up your look for others you get to subtly match a curly wig to the texture of your natural hair. Curly wigs are amazing for anyone wanting to experiment in the world of curly hair for those who have an appreciation of the look of defined beautiful curls.