The Components of a Brilliant Marketing Message


The best marketing messages are designed to speak to customers and help them solve their problems. They are creatively crafted to be conversational and familiar to stand out from competitors.

Get to the Point

When creating a marketing message, it was emphasized in the Storybrand certified guide that it’s important to be concise. Customers need more time to read long, drawn-out ads and often need to tune out more wordy messages. Focus on the most important ideas when drafting your key messaging, then refine them into a single statement expressing your primary message. This primary messaging is sometimes referred to as your elevator pitch, and it should be targeted to specific target audiences to ensure that it communicates effectively with them. Avoid using technical jargon that is only understood by those within your industry. Instead, use a conversational tone that is familiar to most people. This will help to produce goodwill with your audience and increase your chances of generating quality leads. Moreover, positive messages are more memorable than those that badmouth competitors or ridicule alternative products.

Make it Emotional

To be truly brilliant, a marketing message needs to work on both a rational and an emotional level. In other words, it should persuade the audience that your good or service solves their issue and elicit a response.

The significant strategy is storytelling and powerful language that evokes emotions. For example, use words such as “exciting,” “life-changing,” or “transformative” to create a sense of urgency.

Emotional messages are also a great way to create empathy with your audience. For example, if you’re selling a hairbrush, emphasize that you understand how hard it is to brush your hair with traditional brushes and that your product makes it easier.

Be Original

When sending a marketing message, it’s important to be original. Run-of-the-mill marketing messages often seem like they could belong to any competitor, while more original ones showcase what makes your business unique. This can be your brand’s personality, the features that set you apart from your competitors, or something else entirely. A brilliant marketing message will also be original in how it makes people feel. Avoid using negative language or ridiculing alternative products, and show that your business is a positive force worldwide. Customers will remember your brand for a long time, as a result, helping you to gain their trust.

Make it Relevant

The crucial part of any marketing message is ensuring it is relevant to your audience. This means avoiding marketing jargon and using language familiar to your target audience. For example, if your audience is a group of car enthusiasts, you may use technical terms related to the latest automobile models. However, you would likely use more conversational language if your audience is primarily young families. The most effective marketing messages directly address the problem your audience is facing or how your product will solve it. It makes a strong emotional appeal that is memorable and highlights the product’s value.