Talk about learning methods and the importance of CCNA


One of the most elementary stages in Cisco’s networked world is CCNA. Many people think that it is very introductory, and it is not difficult to learn. Isn’t CCNA really elementary and not worth learning? In my opinion, this is the wrong idea.

We know that network technology is actually not difficult, but how to decompose several technologies into small knowledge points to understand and apply. If you apply it step by step as you learn, you will find that there are many problems in practical work, but the solutions are very simple. While proposing solutions, it also leads to a number of problems. The solution is very simple… Just like this, one problem is solved, and one problem is discovered again… Network technology is like this. It is difficult because there are countless correlations. The problems and techniques are waiting for you to solve and learn.

Give an example of VLAN

The problem arises from the problem of broadcast domain collision domains and the waste of physical equipment in practice. The solution is very simple, just logically divide VLANs on a physical device. It is very simple to solve, but it leads to the problem of data sharing broadcast domain in the same vlan between different devices… The solution is very simple, connect the ports of the two devices belonging to the same vlan A data cable is ok. But the problem is that when there are too many vlans, the connection between each vlan causes a lot of waste of ports… The solution is very simple, just make a trunk. But the new problem is that the data streams in different vlans cannot be distinguished. The solution is very simple. It is ok to add encapsulation when the data enters the trunk. It seems to be perfect, but there are still problems. When the network increases, it is a big difficulty for the administrator to do the same number of VLANs on each device. The solution is very simple. It is enough to make a vtp domain for unified management. Similar problems are the same… One problem occurs, one problem is solved.

Do you say it is difficult? It’s actually not difficult. Just know how the problem arises and how it should be solved. Then put the whole idea in order, it is not difficult at all. Therefore, the key to learning is the method.

In CCNA, it is a way to teach everyone the basic knowledge of the network and how to learn network knowledge. There are many people who don’t care about CCNA or laboratory operations, and choose to study by themselves, but they find it difficult when they are working. The theory they have learned is not applicable, and they do not know how to apply it in practice, so they feel helpless when faced with network work and network failures… This is because the foundation has not been laid firmly.

Learning needs to be done step by step. Isn’t there a class to learn CCNP and send CCNA now? It is a learning process from CCNA to CCNP, from basic to practical application.

Learning CCNA is very important! The important thing is that it is a framework and an outline for learning network technology in the future. It guides us how to continue to learn more advanced network technology and lay a solid foundation for future learning.

I hope that more people will join the online world and realize their goals and values.

Finally, let’s end with a sentence that a CCIE said when he gave us a class.

Want to take the CCIE exam? First read the CCNA book three times (seeing the importance of CCNA)