Troubleshooting Starbucks Partner Hours App: Common Issues and Fixes

Troubleshooting Starbucks Partner Hours App

Unfortunately, many partners have encountered errors when using the Starbucks Partner Hour app. If you, too, have the same issues, worry not. In this section, we will discuss the commonly encountered issues while mentioning how you can quickly fix them to enjoy the app seamlessly.

Below are the common issues and their fixes.

1.Forgotten Password

Sometimes, you may get a case where you’ve forgotten the password for your Starbucks Partner Hour app. This issue is not new, and many users often face it. When it happens, you can reset your password with ease. Open the app and ensure you are connected to a network. Locate the “Forgot Your Password” button on the login page. The on-screen instructions will guide you on how to set a new password.

2.Usability Challenges

Some partners have issues with comfortably using the app. They find the interface unusable to them. For such an issue, the solution is to use the app until you understand its interface. The more you keep using the app, the sooner you will master it, and its usability will be easy.

3.Login Issues

Are you stuck at the login screen? When logging in to your Starbucks account, you may get a login issue hindering your access. The first solution is to recheck your credentials. Ensure you’ve typed the correct username and password. Also, check that you have an internet connection. The last solution is to close the app and reopen it. That should fix the issue.

4.Outdated App

Like any other app, the Starbucks Partner Hour app must be updated to enjoy the latest features and security features. You will likely run into more issues when you use an outdated app version. So, consider updating the app from the AppStore or Play Store, depending on your device.

5.Clear Cache

When you get a glitch with the app, you should consider clearing its cache. From your phone’s settings, access the Starbucks app and clear the cache and data. Doing so will remove any app glitches and give you a smooth time using it. Sometimes, you can check if the app is down using its detector page. If it’s down, it means the website is under maintenance or has an issue, and their technical team is fixing it.