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Space-Saving Solutions: How Murphy Beds Can Maximize Your Home’s Square Footage


Space is at a premium in many homes. You want to have enough room for every member of the family, make space for guests, and maximize your home’s potential.

Enter the Murphy bed.

Murphy beds are an excellent space-saving solution that can help you create more room in your home while still having comfortable sleeping options. Owning a Murphy bed can allow you to create a multipurpose room, freeing up more floor space during the day and folding down to create a sleeping space at night.

What a Murphy Bed Can Offer

A Bestar Murphy bed provides a dual-mount wall bed mechanism that attaches to both the floor and the wall to create stability and durability while easily folding down to allow you to take advantage of the bed. The dual piston system makes folding the wall bed up and down smooth and quick, transforming your room more effectively.

Depending on the size you purchase, the bed will comfortably accommodate most Full or Queen mattresses, allowing you to choose a comfortable mattress you’ll love. Choosing the right Murphy bed in Canada means that you will be able to make the most of your entire home.

Transform Your Home with a Murphy Bed

Murphy beds can be used throughout your home to create more space and maximize available square footage. When folded up, they have a relatively small space footprint, which means you can use them anywhere.

Studio Apartments

Many people are turning to studio apartments as a practical way to save money on housing. Unfortunately, studio apartments are often very short on space. With your bed taking up the majority of the floor space, you may feel unable to use your space to its fullest extent.

A Murphy bed can make all the difference.

At night, you can fold down your Murphy bed to create a comfortable, cozy sleeping space. During the day, you can fold the bed up so that you can make other uses of your space. Clear your bed away when it’s time to exercise or work, creating a clear area on the floor where you can do yoga, spread out to study, or simply kick back and relax.

Guest Rooms

Having a place for guests to sleep offers a lot of convenience when you have visitors. The rest of the time, however, that space simply sits empty. A Murphy bed allows you to easily fold down a sleeping space when you have overnight guests but to also fold the bed back up the rest of the time, so you can use the space for other purposes: a home gym, an office, or a game room, for example. Invite guests over with confidence while still using your space as you prefer the rest of the time, all with one simple addition to your room. When the Murphy bed is folded up, it will take up relatively little space in your room. Once it folds down, on the other hand, it will allow a Full or Queen size sleeping space, perfect for both single and couple guests.

Home Office Spaces

These days, more people than ever have made the transition to working from home on a part-time or full-time basis. However, that means that you may have unique space needs, including room to work in a professional background. Whether you want your guest room or your bedroom to double as a home office, a Murphy bed can help make your dreams reality. With a Murphy bed with a desk, like the ones offered by Bestar, you can fold out the bed portion at night, then use the desk portion throughout the day. Many of the bed options offered by Bestar provide convenient storage on either side of the desk, so you’ll easily be able to pack away your work at the end of the day. Furthermore, some options allow for fold or roll-out desks that you can tuck away into the shelving unit space when you’re done working for the day, so you can free up your floor space.

Transitioning your space from bedroom to office can take place in just a few minutes. The Murphy bed allows you to save on space, rather than cramming a desk into a crowded guest room or selecting a smaller bed than you really want. There’s room for office furniture, and it can allow you to make a better mental transition from work to home. With your desk put away, it’s much harder to justify “just finishing up a project” or “checking a few emails” after work hours.

The Living Room

Your living room is a multipurpose room where you can hang out and watch television, spend time with friends, and relax at the end of the day. With a Murphy bed, you can also use your living room as a comfortable sleeping space for guests: ideal whether you have the occasional overnight visitor or regular visits from friends and family members who need a place to sleep.

A living room Murphy bed, like the ones offered by Bestar, includes a comfortable sofa for when the bed is not in use. When you’re hanging out during the day, you can lounge on the sofa or take advantage of the floor space in your living room. The sofa Murphy bed easily transforms from sofa to bed and back again, making it the perfect place for your guests. At night, when someone needs a place to sleep, it can fold out into a bed with a supportive mattress frame that follows the natural curve of the body; a much more effective and cozy sleeping solution than traditional sofa beds, which often have unsupportive, thin mattresses that do not make for a great sleeping space.

Purchase the Right Murphy Bed for Your Needs

Whether you’re moving into a new home and want to maximize every room, or you want to make more of your existing space, a Murphy bed could be the perfect solution. Carefully consider how you plan to use your space; for example, if it’s a home office and a guest bedroom, you may want to use a Murphy bed with desk, while if you’re using it in a studio apartment or living area, you may prefer a Murphy bed with sofa. Then, choose the one that fits your needs and use it as a highly effective way to maximize your space while still allowing yourself or guests to sleep in comfort.