Single Pane of Glass: Why It Matters and How It Can Benefit Your Organization

Single pane of glass is a management tool that integrates data from different sources like employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers in a single view. Using a single pane of glass dashboard provides a better approach to identifying important information, so stakeholders can act promptly.

Behind the technology is a pre-defined workflow from various systems routed through multiple systems; data from system A is sent to system B and then returned data from system C. A single pane of glass is used to lower friction in an organization where workflow from different systems has to be connected for fulfillment.

Types of Single-Pane of Glass

A single pane of glass or management console displays data through a dashboard with an easy-to-use interface enabling quick access and interpretation to generate reliable reports and custom inputs. Besides data analysis, a single pane of glass makes communication easy with many tools that help businesses get the job done.

Providers who offer a single pane of glass services provide a platform where stakeholders can find collaboration, communication, and customer experience tools in one view without switching to different applications. Two types of management consoles monitor Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

System-level Data Analysis

Organizations can employ a single-pane dashboard to access and analyze data from all devices in the IT department. As a result, businesses can make vital decisions geared towards development, such as whether to venture and invest in new technology, perform upgrades on security protocols, or improve networking and resources in the industry.

Remote Device Management

An organization with connected devices in different locations can use single-pane monitoring consoles to manage IoT devices remotely. It’s applicable when connected devices can work with less on-site technical support. Cloud management of devices provides solutions where the graphical user interface of each machine is available on a centralized console, regardless of location.

Features of a Single Pane of Glass software

Company administrators and security teams use a single pane of glass to access and provide shared insight into the organization’s operation. A team views the organization’s operational data through a single pane of glass, then uses the data to carry out daily activities.

Companies using a management console can quickly attend to issues like alerts on outdated software, security breach, failed wiring, and power outage. A team using IoT management solutions can track the performance of a fleet of connected devices through a single pane of glass. Additionally, a team can receive instant alerts and hasten repair without a site visit. Here are the requirements of a single pane of glass software;

  • Display alerts and notifications with particular triggers
  • Present the root cause of problems and analysis, then deliver a solution remotely.
  • Monitor and communicate device health and function.
  • The ability to incorporate data from various devices and vendors centrally

Benefits of a Single Pane of Glass to a User

A single pane of glass enables seamless workflow automation for employees and other stakeholders. A team can submit any requests while focusing on their work. Here are more benefits of a single pane of glass to the user.

Centralized Location of Operation

A single pane of glass gives users a portal to place any request and get a reply without having to go from office to office. Hence, there’s no need to use different tools to identify an order or request office supplies as long as a company uses a single glass pane.

Visibility and Transparency

Employees can track the status of their requests without having to move up and down to follow up. This way, workers have more time to focus on their work.

Speed and Ease of Use

The portal doesn’t display information on basic fields like a user ID, but it uses intelligence to provide the needed information. A hardware brand is necessary when requesting purchase or repair, but it’s unnecessary when troubleshooting a software hitch.

Benefits of a Single Pane of Glass to an Enterprise

In an organization, the portal aids in the automation and consolidation of work, which minimizes human activity toward the fulfillment of requests. Hence, the time to address any need or demand is reduced significantly. Digitizing and automating organizational processes frees employees, allowing them to concentrate on other activities to improve the Return On Investment (ROI).

High Volume in Production

A single pane of glass portal effectively automates workflow and makes the process seamless when handling all requests and needs. Automating systems often accelerates service requests, enabling a company to save significant monthly amounts.

The requests placed on a single pane portal involve different steps in a workflow, which may include getting data from one point to another in as many as three systems. The process is compliant. It needs verification, approval, and e-signatures to make it auditable.

Technology has its downside, including a single pane of glass software. Since all operations in a company are operated centrally, technical practitioners may only be pleased to access some levels of functionality to fulfill their responsibilities.