Sarah Julia Fagan, Personal life and Family

Sarah Julia Fagan

Sarah Julia Fagan is an American black heritage lady born on August 18, 1896, in the Maryland state of USA. She was the mother of famous and legendary singer Billie Holiday.

Early life

Sarah Julia Fegen Holiday was born in the home of the black heritage of the American country. She got an early education in the Baltimore girl’s public school in Maryland state in America. At fourteen, she falls in love with his neighbor, Clarence Holiday.

Clarence Halliday was known as Clarence Holiday. Sarah Julia and Clarence’s had a relationship for five years. She was moved to Philadelphia at 19 after she fled from her parent’s home because she was pregnant. Sarah Julia was just 20 years old when Billie was born. The hardest part of Sarah Julia Fagan’s life was when Billie was born, and Sarah and Clarence were not married.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 07, 1915, Sarah Julia gave birth to Billie Holiday. They were both just between the age of 16 and 18 years old.

Family and career of Sarah

Sarah Creer was not exceptional in early life because her parents kicked her out of the house at nineteen. After all, she got pregnant. According to reports, there were seventeen members of Sarah’s family, of which she was at 13th, and she was a black Heritage American Citizen. But almost it is said that there is no mention of Sarah Julia’s family in any whitepapers.

When Billie was just 1-year-old, Sarah Julia got married to Philip Gough. But when Billie was just five years old,’ Sarah and Philip Gough’s marriage ended in divorce.

Sarah Julia Fagan’s children

Sarah Julia has only one daughter “ Billie.” Billie is also a famous American Jazz singer. But Sarah’s daughter faced many difficulties in her early life. When she was nine years old, she began skipping school because of her troublesome African American girls. So she was assigned as a good shepherd in the houses. But she returned to school to continue his study again. However, she was ten years old and had been brutalized and abused several times.

When Sarah got divorced, she and her daughter faced many difficulties, so when the situation became tense, Sarah’s daughter started working as a prostitute for only five dollars. Billie had become the youngest prostitute at 14 in the town.

When Sarah’s daughter “Billie started sex as a prostitute, she got arrested, and after seven months, both mother and daughter got to let go back to back spacing between one month.

Death case of Sarah Julia Fegan

There is no specific history of Sarah Julia, but historians write that she was in temporary relation with trumpeter joe in the 1940s. She started taking heroin and other harmful drugs, which caused his death. As a housekeeper, Sarah Julia Fagan began a relationship with the son of the owner of the house; Sarah Julia Fagan was the mother of the legendary famous American jazz singer Billie “ Lady Day” Holiday.