Ronnie Guy Lewis, Personal Life and Net Worth


Ronnie Guy Lewis is a celebrity child, who probably prefers to stay away from the spotlight of the media and maintain a low profile. However, he still grabs public attention because of being the son of American pianist Jerry Lee Lewis.

Today, we also tried to find out some significant information about him. So, read the article further and unfold the details about early life, families, siblings, education, profession, net worth, earnings, love life, children, and other details of Ronnie Guy Lewis.

Personal life

Ronnie Guy Lewis was born in 1956 to Jerry Lee Lewis and Jane Mitchum. This is the only available information about the early life of Ronnie Guy Lewis. Since he is the son of a celebrity, he must have had a privileged childhood.

If you want to know the love life of Ronnie Guy Lewis, he probably does not want his personal life to be public and this is the reason that he has not shared even a single piece of information regarding that.

With the fact that he is already 67 years old, it won’t be wrong to say that Ronnie Guy Lewis might be a married man today if he got the lady love in his life.

Parents and siblings

Ronnie Guy Lewis is the second-born of Jerry Lee Lewis and Jane Mitchum, who got married in 1953. However, their marriage could last for only a couple of years and they ended up with a divorce in 1957.

In their 4 years of togetherness, they became the proud parents of two sons. The elder brother of Ronnie Guy Lewis is Jerry Lee Lewis Jr., who was born in 1953 and died in 1973.

If you talk about the profession of his parents, the father of Ronnie Guy Lewis was a famous American singer, songwriter, and pianist, while the profession of his mother is a mystery.


With the fact that Ronnie Guy Lewis is 67 years old today, we say that Ronnie Guy Lewis might have kids if he had an interest in having a family.

Education and profession

To make a long story short, there is no information available on education as well as the profession of Ronnie Guy Lewis. However, considering the family background of Ronnie Guy Lewis, we hope that he must have a good education as well as a prestigious profession.

Reason for the popularity of Ronnie Guy Lewis

Right now, Ronnie Guy Lewis is enjoying the stardom of his father, Jerry Lee Lewis, who died just a few months back.

Net worth of Ronnie Guy Lewis

To find out the net worth of Ronnie Guy Lewis, we need to have at least some information about his profession but, unfortunately, it is not known. Given this fact, the net worth of Ronnie Guy Lewis can’t be estimated.

However, you can say that today Ronnie Guy Lewis is a millionaire because he inherited his share from his father’s net worth which was around 10 million at the time of his death in 2022.


The father as well as the brother of Ronnie Guy Lewis were musicians but he chose a different profession for himself and kept it a secret as well. We hope he will be successful like them.