Reasons Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident

When people get involved in an auto accident, they often feel confused and unsure of how to proceed. And sometimes, they suffer injuries that appear innocuous but later manifest, leading to grave medical situations. Or, their life becomes a struggle because of severe and debilitating injuries.

Following an accident, it’s critical to seek legal assistance before you’re too preoccupied with pain and recovery. A personal injury attorney can help you battle through the process of seeking compensation for your losses – medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and more. On that note, the legal team at The Clark Law Office could ease your woes and help you get a favorable outcome. Let’s explore reasons why you should consider having their Lansing personal injury attorney in your corner.

1. Navigating Complex Legal Matters

The disruption caused by accidents can be emotionally and physically taxing. But while recovery is your primary focus, you also have to juggle other competing demands. These include handling the paperwork required when filing an insurance claim, providing relevant documentation, and familiarizing yourself with the details of your case (should you decide to take matters to court).

You might also need to schedule damage inspections to accurately value your claim and deal with complicated legal procedures, such as calculating insurance payouts, the statute of limitations – the list goes on. Imagine being in pain and still being required to grasp all the information above.

Unfortunately, you may also be unaware of your options or miss out on opportunities to better your case. In turn, this can leave the door open for insurers and other parties to take advantage of your situation.

A personal injury lawyer makes light work of the complex legal process. By so doing, they offer you peace of mind and allow you to recover without the constant pressure and anxiety associated with legal matters.

2. Facilitating Treatment

Your lawyer can also ensure you get the needed treatment by taking over all the tedious paperwork and legal matters. This way, you can channel your energy toward improving without worrying about finding the rights forms or deciphering legal jargon. Plus, they can help ensure your hospital fees and other related costs are covered by the parties responsible.

Similarly, by virtue of their expertise, they can direct you to the right medical professionals. Consequently, you don’t have to guess which practitioner can best address your injuries.

3. Aggressively Pursuing Your Rights

Given their experience in personal injury cases, your lawyer understands the various tactics insurance companies deploy to deny or reduce the value of your claim. It’s common knowledge that insurers are out to make a profit, and their adjusters can pull all the stops to minimize your compensation.

To recognize potential issues that might arise after filing your claim, you need an injury lawyer. Mostly, insurers are more willing to cooperate when they sense you have a legal representative.

Moreover, an injury attorney can value your claim after factoring in various elements such as pain and suffering, medical costs, expected future medical needs, and more. Reports have also demonstrated that clients get up to 300% more in payouts when they get into the ring with a personal injury lawyer by their side.

Don’t let insurance companies exploit your lack of knowledge and experience. Get an experienced legal representative and take the fight to them. And if they decide not to play ball, you can dial up the pressure by filing a lawsuit in court.

4. Representation in Court

Industry observers note that a paltry 4-5% of claims go to trial. That means roughly 95% of cases are settled out of court. This is significant as it outlines the power of legal representation, with lawyers deciding whether a case goes to court or not. Likewise, given their ability to negotiate a fair settlement, it pays to partner with them.

Even so, your legal matter may require a court trial. If so, your attorney will offer you the representation you need to prove your case. They can do so by:

  • Providing witness statements or testimonies
  • Developing strategies to present your case
  • Gathering evidence and cross-examining witnesses
  • Involving expert witnesses such as an accident reconstructionist to build your case
  • Providing legal advice and guidance throughout the process.
  • Investigating the matter and determining whether negligence or recklessness was involved

It’s challenging enough to keep up with doctor’s appointments when you’re nursing an injury, let alone pursue legal action. Hence, we can’t understate a lawyer’s influence on proceedings.

For instance, picture a scenario in which the at-fault driver attempts to blame you for the accident. Based on the evidence, your attorney can prove liability and ensure the court holds the other party responsible for their actions.

Accidents aren’t always a result of our undoing – someone’s negligence can send you to the ER and make your life a nightmare. Don’t let it happen. Get an injury lawyer to protect your rights and fight for justice.