Quinn Tallulah Lewis, Parents and Tragedy

Quinn Tallulah Lewis

Quinn Tallulah Lewis was born in the year 2000. She is the daughter of famous couple Michael Lewis and Tabitha Soren. She has been a celebrity since her birth due to the popularity of her parents. But unlike other celebrity kids, she believes in creating her image instead of depending on her parents’ fame. Not much information is available about her early life but based on a few interviews, she came across as a level-headed girl who is extremely understanding and supportive of her parents’ career.


Michael Lewis was born on 15th October 1960 in New Orleans, Louisiana, US. He got his bachelor’s in art and archaeology from Princeton University. He completed his masters in Economics from the London School of Economics. Lewis then got inspired by journalism and pursued his career as a writer. He wrote his first book named “Liar’s Poker” in 1989. The book was a semi-autobiography that discussed his experience as a bond salesman on Wall Street. He published “Moneyball: The Art of Winning An Unfair Game” in 2002 which was a huge success. The book discussed the Oakland Athletics Baseball team and how its performance tremendously improved in presence of Billy Beane. It was later adapted as a film that was released in 2011. Lewis won three Gerald Loeb Awards for his contribution as a writer.

Tabitha Soren was born on 19th August 1967 in San Antonio, Texas, US. She was 19-years old when she first appeared in the music video for the track “(You Gotta) Fight for your right (to party)” released by Beastie Boys in 1986. She also became the face of MTV’s Choose or lose campaign encouraging people to vote and participate in the election. This campaign was a huge success and was awarded Peabody Award. Soren then studied art and photography at Stanford University. She participated in multiple exhibitions to showcase her talent for photography. Her show “Running” was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Indianapolis.

Lewis was married twice before meeting Tabitha. He married Diane De Cordova but they soon got separated. He remarried Kate Bohner but couldn’t make it work for long. The exact reason for both divorces is unknown. Lewis then married Tabitha in October 1997 and had three children: Quinn Tallulah Lewis, Dixie Tallulah Lewis, and Walker Jack Lewis. The family currently resides in Berkeley, California.


Quinn Tallulah Lewis shared a great bond with her siblings, especially with sister Dixie. But in an unfortunate turn of events, Dixie was involved in a car crash accident on 25th May 2019. Dixie and her friend Ross Schultz were traveling on State Route 89 towards the city of Truckee when their car collided with a truck. Both died on the spot while the truck driver sustained minor injuries. The whole family was shocked by her untimely death. Lewis stated that they were going through pain that was never experienced before. The whole family is still struggling with her death and has asked for privacy to allow them to grieve.