Pet-Friendly Accommodation: 10 Things to Look for When Booking a Holiday

Pet-Friendly Accommodation: 10 Things to Look for When Booking a Holiday

A holiday isn’t a real holiday without your beloved dog. No one wants to leave their furry family members behind, and that’s before we even get onto the cost of kennels.

Whether you’re planning a holiday to the seaside, or looking to stay near exhilarating hiking trails, you’ll need to not only check whether your dog is allowed to join you for the ride, but also what extra costs may be involved in taking your dog.

When you’re booking your holiday, you don’t want to end up miles from the nearest dog friendly pub or without an enclosed garden for your dog to run around safely in. So we’ve put together 10 things to look for when booking a pet friendly holiday.

1. Dog Friendly Accommodation

Firstly, check which holiday cottages allow dogs in the area you’re visiting. Sadly, some holiday providers deny doggy guests, or, the ones that do allow them can place restrictions on your stay. There are some real gems out there which cater entirely for dogs, so a bit of research goes a long way.

2. Multi-Dog Friendly Holidays

While some pet friendly accommodation welcomes a number of dogs, you’ll find that many will impose restrictions and welcome only one or two per stay. Find a multi-dog friendly holiday provider that offers holiday cottages for any number of dogs. Then you know you’re onto a winner!

3. No Extra Doggy Fees

Watch out for extra fees. You could get stung with additional charges per dog, which is sadly quite common. Fortunately, there are some wonderful dog friendly holidays out there where your fur-babies are welcomed with open arms and zero extra fees, no matter how many furry guests you bring with you. Hur-ruff!

4.  An Enclosed, Dog Friendly Garden

It can be easy to forget what we often take for granted at home. One of these things is a secure garden for when you’re outside relaxing or simply letting your dog out for the toilet or a run around. Most dog friendly holiday providers will offer information on such dog friendly information as garden space, but do check for extra detail such as fence heights and gates.

5. Reactive Dog Friendly Rated

True dog friendly holiday cottages will have information on their reactive dog friendly rating. These ratings are fantastic for the more reactive dog and offer guidelines on whether the property is in a quiet or built up area, what nearby noises that may affect your dog and how enclosed the garden space is. Absolutely essential for a reactive dog’s comfort and happiness while away from home.

6. Close to Pet-Friendly Establishments

When you’re away with your bestest good boy, you’ll probably want to take them with you when you pop out to the pub or go out for dinner. Check whether your holiday cottage is walking distance or close driving distance to dog friendly pubs, cafes and restaurants. Dog friendly holiday providers should offer this information on their website and may even offer a few recommendations.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

7. Local Dog Friendly Walks and Beaches

Which adventures will you be going on with your dog? If your pup just loves a splash about in the sea, look into the nearest dog friendly beaches or, if they’re happy to join you around English Heritage sites and along historical ruins, find out beforehand whether your dog is also welcome.

8.  Thoughtful, Special Extras

It can really make your day when you arrive at your destination and extra special touches have been left to make yours and your dog’s stay more enjoyable. Hunt for the truly dog friendly holidays that offer these special extras such as doggy bedding or crates, yummy dog treats and information packs.

9. Dog Friendly Information

Access information on local dog friendly details about your holiday cottage. Hopefully, this will be provided for you so you don’t have to scour the internet. Details such as local dog friendly places to visit, special or personalised recommendations , fence height or even the nearest vets are all super helpful.

10. Pawsome Reviews

Checking out your holiday provider’s reviews is a handy indicator as to whether you’ve made the right choice for your and your canine companion. Previous guests can offer insight into what was good, what wasn’t, great customer service and what their dog absolutely loved.

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages

And if you need a paw finding that perfect dog friendly holiday, we know of just the place that offers ALL of the above and so much more. Pack Holidays cater specifically for dogs, of all shapes and sizes and in any number. Their stunning cottages come with extra special touches like doggy throws for furniture (as dogs are allowed everywhere in the cottages) and snuggly doggy blankets. They’ll even offer personalised recommendations for places to visit or eat that are close to your holiday cottage.

What’s more, you’ll never be charged extra fees, no matter the size of your pack, and you’ll find all the information you need on reactive dog ratings, enclosed garden spaces and nearby walks. Anything else you want to know? The super friendly and super helpful team at Pack Holidays are always happy to have a chat.