Owen Tyler Sussman Personal Life & More

Owen Tyler Sussman

Owen Tyler Sussman is a celebrity kid famous for his mother, Ricki Lake, and introduced in front of the world through the chronicle “The Business of Being Born” written by Ricki Lake. Owen is famous for his art and design and currently resides in America. Owen loves to travel to various cultural places of the world, and this is his favorite destination.

Personal life

Owen Tyler Sussman was born on the 18th of June 2001 in Manhattan, New York and people recognize him better with his mother’s identity. Owen graduated from college in Chicago, Illinois. Owen is a basketball player who also represented his school in the game. His birth sign is Gemini.


Owen’s mother, Ricki Lake, is a popular actress and anchor. After gaining popularity in TV series, she shifted her career toward movies. Owen’s father is famous for his art culture. And Owen also has a brother named Milo Sebastian, Sussman younger than him. But his parents split back in the year 2005, and how Ricki Lake is dating someone else.

Career and achievements

Owen makes his first appearance in the industry of acting at the age of 5 in 2 episodes of The legendary and ever famous show Blue’s close back in the days. Later in 2008, both Mio and Owen make their appearance in a documentary name The Business of being born which was produced by their mother, Ricki Lake.

But after that, he was never spotted on television. However, he was mapped by camera operators but still never returned to the television industry at all. In a small period, he gained so much popularity that without even participating more in television, he’s popular like her mother and brother.


However, he is a handsome and good looking person with charm; curly hair with a fair complexion; decent body and height; shy, and cultural. He remains attractive to the people, and defines the new boundaries for charisma and charm. As a result, it’s natural for him to be a crush of countless females and who knows how many males might have a crush on him too.

Net worth

The proper amount of Owen’s net worth is not mentioned, but though his mother is a popular figure, he holds an amount of $1 million. Moreover, his father is a millionaire too. Being a younger kid of his parents, Owen’ always enjoyed several luxurious things in his life. Owen’s lots of money and variety of cars and property cannot be calculated in net worth.

Other important controversies

Since his childhood, Owen has always liked to keep his personal life private, and he always avoids controversial issues. Being a popular kid, he always spends his time with some selected family members and friends.  He never mentioned anything about his girlfriend and kept it personal.


So information shows that Owen is a popular figure of today’s generation, an extremely talented actor, and personal information has been hidden from the public by his parents, so nothing much can be said about any part of his life.