Natalie Oglesby Skalla: Unveiling the Legacy of Frank Sinatra Jr’s Daughter



Natalie Oglesby Skalla is a name that resonates with the illustrious lineage of the late Francis Wayne Sinatra, widely recognized as Frank Sinatra Jr. This renowned figure left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, captivating audiences worldwide with his mesmerizing vocals, songwriting prowess, and commanding presence. Natalie Oglesby Skalla holds a unique place in the limelight as the daughter of this legendary icon. In this article, we delve into the captivating life of Natalie Oglesby Skalla, exploring her roots, family ties, and her journey as a therapeutic riding instructor.

Early Life and Family Background

Natalie Oglesby Skalla, born out of wedlock, is the daughter of Frank Sinatra Jr. and Mary Sue Oglesby. Frank Jr., the son of the illustrious singer and actor Frank Sinatra, commonly referred to as the “Chairman of the Board,” is recognized as a prominent singer, songwriter, and conductor. Natalie shares her lineage with her siblings, Michael Francis Sinatra, Francine Sinatra Anderson, and Francis Wayne Sinatra.

The name “Natalie” holds a special significance in her family, as it pays homage to her paternal grandmother, Natalie Della Garaventa. Growing up, Natalie’s mother, Mary Sue Oglesby, served as the Resident Manager of the Marella Apartments. Although information regarding her education is scarce, Natalie spent her formative years under the nurturing care of her mother.

Frank Sinatra Jr.’s Legacy

Frank Sinatra Jr. carved a prominent niche for himself in the music industry, leaving an indomitable imprint as a singer, songwriter, and conductor. His remarkable talent and stage presence endeared him to audiences worldwide, further solidifying the Sinatra legacy. As the daughter of such an iconic figure, Natalie Oglesby Skalla continues to honor her father’s remarkable contributions to music and entertainment.

A Glimpse into Natalie Oglesby Skalla’s Personal Life

Natalie Oglesby Skalla, known for her inclination towards leading a private life, has managed to steer clear of the relentless glare of the spotlight. Her endeavors remain shrouded in secrecy, as she chooses to keep her professional pursuits away from public scrutiny. It has been reported that Natalie is happily married to Brian Skalla, although details regarding their relationship, including their meeting and the duration of their union, remain undisclosed.

Natalie Oglesby Skalla: A Passion for Therapeutic Riding

With an inherent love for horses and an unwavering dedication to helping others, Natalie Oglesby Skalla has found her calling as a therapeutic riding instructor. Through her involvement with Equine Empowerment, Natalie has been able to make a positive impact on the lives of many individuals. Recently, Equine Empowerment honored Natalie for her outstanding work ethic and her completion of the esteemed PATH Intl. Instructor certification. Natalie’s deep-rooted passion for horse showing, rodeo, and riding has been pivotal in her ability to provide invaluable support to the riders she assists.


Natalie Oglesby Skalla, the daughter of Frank Sinatra Jr., embodies the enduring legacy of a musical icon. While her roots lie in a family marked by unparalleled talent and stardom, Natalie has chosen to forge her own path as a therapeutic riding instructor, touching the lives of those in need. Through her dedication and unwavering commitment, she upholds the Sinatra name with grace and resilience. Though Natalie’s preference for privacy keeps many aspects of her life veiled from the public eye, her impact on those she serves is undeniable. As she continues her journey, Natalie Oglesby Skalla carries forward the profound musical legacy left by her father, Frank Sinatra Jr.