Moving From Colorado to Florida? Here Are Six Things You Should Know


Are you considering ditching your hiking shoes and snow boots for flip-flops, shorts, and the Sunshine State? You aren’t the only one; many Coloradans and residents all over the country are making the same journey. Florida’s population has grown exponentially and continues to grow – people are flocking in. Making a long-distance move carries much more weight than just trading in your current wardrobe for lighter clothing – according to Out Fast, professional property management company, there are so many moving pieces when relocating.

Long-distance movers in Denver, CO, are the most knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled crew of people you could have on your side when attempting to relocate across the country. Making a big move to Florida entails a lot of preparation, little logistics, and all the additional emotional and mental feelings that come with it. When you are going through everything alone, it can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. Still, when you choose reliable movers to assist you throughout the moving process – things are much more straightforward and stress-free! Before you arrive in the sunny state of Florida, there are a few things that you will want to know.

1. Low Taxes

One of the more talked about facts about Florida is the taxes – Floridians don’t have to pay an income tax. This is a significant change from what you see and are used to living in the Mile High City, where the income tax rate is 4.4%. In comparison, that is not relatively high and remains a flat rate for all Coloradans. Living in Florida gives you more money to put in your pocket. And that is why people enjoy retirement there because many are set to a fixed income and tight budget, and any money taken or taxed out of that can put them in a difficult situation.

Sales tax is a different story; Florida sales tax comes in at a whopping 9%, much higher than what you see in CO. Colorado only has a 2.2% sales tax, so residents enjoy relishing their goods and services at a lower rate. Property taxes are slightly different in Florida and are lower than the national average, averaging .98%. Colorado has much higher rates at 2.9%, and additional rates can be imposed locally. There are pros and cons. to any state you consider moving into, so it is essential to look at every side of the coin before making your final decision.

2. Affordable Real Estate

The cost of living in the Rocky Mountain area has continued to climb, and in more recent years, the rental rates have increased, so many people have been priced out of living in their current neighborhoods. Owning a home is almost impossible for millennials and young adults entering the housing market. Current homeowners aren’t interested in selling their homes because many are not earning enough to purchase elsewhere, and things are just all around a mess in Colorado when it comes to living and buying real estate.

Florida has more affordable homes and real estate available all over the state! Things are still competitively priced, but a single-family home’s average cost is still lower than the national average and much lower than what you see in CO. You can purchase property in places like Tampa, Orlando, or even Jacksonville and settle into one of the metro areas quickly.

3. Coast Lines

When people think of Florida, they almost always think of the beach. The coastlines stretch around the state’s perimeter, and you can access multiple bodies of water. There are well over 1000 miles of the coast to choose from if you hope to live on the water, and you can swim and play in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean! Most Floridians spend their free time on the beach, relaxing, kicking back, and enjoying the sandy beaches and the salty water! This is a major contrast from the hills and snow Coloradans are used to, but if you have been in the Mile High for a long time, change can only bring about more growth to your household.

4. Tropical Weather & Storms

The Southern states along the coast have a lot of humidity, sunshine, and tropical climates. This sounds like paradise, but you must get used to being wet and sticky when walking outside daily. Alongside tropical weather, there are also tropical storms – rain, thunderstorms, lightning, hurricanes, and monsoons. Colorado barely has tornados, so there isn’t much to compare this kind of extreme weather to; however, August through November is the peak hurricane season in Florida, and it is crucial to become accustomed to safety practices and action plans in case you need to evacuate.

5. Lots of New Wildlife

Instead of the deer and bears you often find in the Rockies, Florida has all kinds of wildlife throughout the state. The climate and environment are completely different than Denver’s, and because of that, the animals and insects that live there are too! There are quite a few more insects and bugs you will find flying and crawling around, even the famous kissing bugs – but don’t get too close; they will bite. You will also see snakes, alligators, sharks, and even panthers!

6. Home Maintenance on the Beach

Even though homes are more reasonably priced in Florida, you will need to be sure that you keep up with the maintenance and quality insurance policy to protect your property. If you choose to rent, you won’t have as much to worry about, but on the coast, plenty of things need to be maintained when you have the humidity, salty sea, and tropical climate wearing your home down. If you choose to buy a house on the coast, you will want to keep a close eye on the upkeep of your home, pipes, and HVAC systems.

Living in Florida can feel like a breeze, but before you migrate, you will need a team of qualified experts that you can depend on to move your household goods. Eden’s Moving Services in Denver, CO, provides high-quality moving solutions nationwide to Florida! Eden’s is a locally owned and operated long-distance moving company in Colorado with licensed and experienced movers to offer peace of mind and ultimate security for your belongings during transit across state lines. Long-distance moving is made easy with local movers you can trust, and your journey to Florida will be just as smooth!