Motorcyclists Should Watch Out for These Common Causes of Crashes

Cruising down the highway on your motorcycle with the wind in your hair feels like pure freedom until you get caught up in a crash. Motorcycle riders know that crashes can happen unexpectedly and often lead to concussions or worse. While there’s no way to prevent every crash, it’s useful for riders to understand some of the most common causes of collisions so they can be prepared when out on the open road. Check out this guide on the top causes of motorcycle crashes and how to avoid them.

Head on Collisions

The most worrisome danger facing motorcyclists is head-on collisions; any misstep when speeding along can have disastrous consequences. The impacts of such collisions can be immense, leaving riders and other drivers seriously injured or worse. Knowing what to be aware of and to watch out for is essential for all motorcyclists so that they can better protect themselves in these scenarios.


Speeding can put riders in harm’s and increase their risk of getting into a crash, especially if other drivers aren’t paying attention or make sudden moves. Knowing the posted speed limits, leaving plenty of space around other vehicles, and maintaining a steady speed are all key factors to avoiding crushes on the road.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting involves using the space between two lanes to pass traffic that has stopped or is moving slowly. While it can be an enjoyable and somewhat thrilling experience to weave through traffic on your bike, lane splitting is incredibly dangerous due to the increasing volume of cars on the roads. If you must ride this way, do so cautiously and with great attention to the vehicles around you.

Poor Weather Conditions

Rain and snow can cause slick surfaces with significantly decreased traction, making it harder to handle your motorcycle correctly. Similarly, strong winds can make it difficult to stay upright or even maintain control at high speeds. It’s important for riders to always watch the weather forecast before taking off so they can plan for hazardous road conditions or even choose another form of transportation altogether.

Cars Making Left Turns

Cars turning left, especially at intersections, are some of the most common causes of crash scenarios between motorcycles and other vehicles. These failure-to-yield situations often result in deadly outcomes for riders due to the limited protection that a motorcycle provides. As a motorcyclist, you must always stay alert and defensive while anticipating the worst behavior from other drivers.

Road Hazards

Loose gravel, potholes, water puddles, and other debris on the ground can all serve as potential trip-ups that could cause you to lose control while riding at high speeds. Additionally, large animals crossing in front of you may be difficult to avoid without prior warning; always remain alert to anticipate any surprise movements. Taking a few extra moments to scan the area ahead of you can go a long way in keeping both you and your motorcycle safe from harm.

Sudden Stops or Lane Changes by Cars

It may seem obvious, but suddenly stopped traffic on a moving highway is one of the most terrifying and potentially deadly events a motorcyclist will face. A second distraction from other drivers putting on their brakes can spell disaster, as motorcycles don’t come equipped with seatbelts to keep riders in place, leaving them vulnerable to being thrown from the bike altogether.


Inexperience on the road is a primary culprit behind motorcycle wreckage. Riders who have recently become licensed should proceed with caution and remain mindful of other vehicles while they build their skills and confidence. A comprehensive rider training course can help new motorcyclists anticipate obstructions and develop good riding practices before becoming fully independent. Experienced riders should also stay up-to-date on their driving technique by reviewing changes in applicable laws and traffic regulations every year or two.

Car Doors

The combination of an open car door and a speeding motorcyclist can be like two angry bull elephants facing off in a dust-filled arena. Those metal doors can appear out of nowhere, causing even the most experienced rider to freeze up and tighten the brakes harder than their stomach muscles at the top of a coaster hill, suddenly becoming the unlucky victim of an accident waiting to happen. While many states have awareness campaigns for drivers to always check for nearby bikers before opening their doors, motorcyclists must still be hyper-aware when driving near cars.

Motorcyclists need to be aware of many potential dangers and safety factors while out on the road. Being alert and prepared can help keep you and your motorcycle safe from hazardous road conditions or unexpected events.