Matilda Kent Tarleton’s Personal Life


Matilda Kent was Born in Durham, Greene County, New York, USA on 18 October 1897 to Robert Eckler Tarleton and Mary Elizabeth Kent. Matilda Kent (Tillie) Tarleton married Byron John Barker (DESC/George Allen-9th GGF) and had 1 child.

Matilda was raised on a farm in Missouri and grew up with a strong work ethic. She married her husband, Homer Barker, in 1925 and they had three children: Bob, Patricia, and Dale.

Matilda was a very loving mother and was known for her kindness, patience, and generosity. She was always willing to help others in need and was a devoted member of her church. She was also an active member of her local community, serving on the board of the local library and volunteering at the local hospital.

Matilda was a dedicated homemaker and was known for her cooking and baking skills. She was also an avid gardener and loved spending time outdoors.

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s Education

She attended a one-room schoolhouse as a child and went on to obtain her high school diploma in 1915. After completing high school, she attended a business college in Hannibal, Missouri and studied typing and shorthand. She worked as a secretary for several years before marrying Bob’s father, George Robert Barker, in 1921.

Matilda was a strong and independent woman who believed strongly in the value of education. She passed her beliefs on to her son, Bob, who went on to become a successful game show host. Bob Barker has credited his mother for inspiring him to pursue his dreams and has said that she was the one who pushed him to go to college.

Matilda was an active member of her community, participating in clubs and organizations. She was a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church and served on committees within the church. Matilda also organized a community food drive for the needy during the Great Depression and was an advocate for women’s suffrage.

Matilda was a devoted mother and grandmother who was always supportive of her family. She passed away in 1981 at the age of 86.

Matilda Kent Tarleton’s Career

Matilda Kent Tarleton was the mother of television personality and game show host Bob Barker. She was born in North Dakota in 1902 and moved to Washington State with her family at the age of eight. Tarleton worked as a teacher for most of her adult life, teaching first grade at the local elementary school in Mission, South Dakota. She was highly respected by her students and colleagues and earned the nickname “Aunt Tilly” among her students. Tarleton was a strong believer in education and was involved in the community, helping to organize the local library and founding the Mission Parent-Teacher Association.

In her later years, Tarleton moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her son. She was active in the community and was a member of the Parent-Teacher Association and the Women’s Club of Hollywood. She also served as a foster grandparent for many years. Tarleton was an avid gardener and was known for her green thumb, as she often gave plants to friends and family. She also enjoyed playing bridge and attending theater performances.

Wrapping Up

She passed away on 26 February 1989 in Los Angeles County, California, United States of America.