Mathew Thomas Clemence, All Things About Mathew


Let us introduce you to the son of an English songwriter Phil Collins. He is not only an English songwriter but also a great drummer, actor, singer, and producer.

However, this article is not about Collins’s father but his son Collins. So let us learn everything that you need to know about the great son of a great father. To allow you to be aware of a little more details about Mathew Thomas or Matthew Collin, we have dug out a lot of information about him and his famously known father. So keep reading it till the last!


Matthew Collins, who is known initially as Mathew Thomas Clemence, was born on the cold winter days of December, which is 1st December 2004. The boy opened his eyes to the beautiful city of Greater London County, England, United Kingdom. In 2022, the boy will turn into a man on the coming 1st of December, when he will be blowing the candles on his 18th birthday cake!


According to his birth date, Matthew Collins holds the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Like every man with a sea-goat sign, this young man is also very ambitious and motivated. Matthew’s nationality is English, as he is born in England. His ethnicity is white as his father, Phil Collins, and mother, Orianne Cevey, the UK-born, and Switzerland-born, respectively. This beautiful couple has given Matthew the gift of four other siblings. Matthew Collins’s siblings are Joely Collins, Nicholas Collins, Lily Collins, and Simon Collins.

Matthew’s father

Matthew Collins has got all the name and fame because of his popularly known musician father, Phil Collins. Phil started his music journey as a drummer, and he began his solo career in 1981. Since then, his work has been getting all the world’s praise. Phil Collins was also a part of the Rock Band Genesis as a lead singer.

Matthew’s Mother

His mother’s popularity, Orianne Cevey, is equally worth mentioning as the beautiful lady was a high-profile jewelry designer in Switzerland. She came into the world’s limelight when the English drummer and singer Phil Collins announced to make her the better half of his life. Surprisingly, Phil already had two better halves before Orianne Cevey. The mother of Matthew was the third wife of Phil Collins. Phil met her in 1994 when she was assigned as Phil’s translator during his tour 1994. By then, Cevey was only 22 years old, and the couple finally tied a knot in 1999.

Parent’s Divorce

The marriage of Matthew’s parents could only work till 2006 when they started having differences, and they decided to part away. Covey was paid £25 million as the separation settlement amount, and this was the largest divorce settlement in the history of the British celebrity world.

A decade after the divorce, the parents of Mathew Thomas Clemence decided to reunite, and they started living together again with their sons. Phil admitted to the media that he considers his separation from Orianne a colossal mistake, and now he is happy that they are together again.


Currently, the couple lives with their sons Mathew Thomas Clemence and Nicholas Grev Austin in their house in Miami. Nicholas has overtaken his father’s position as a drummer, and Matthew has started his professional journey as a visual artist.