Longevity Matters: The Expected Lifespan of Electric Gates

An automated gate, electric or otherwise, is designed for long-term use. For a start, it offers convenience and security, making it an excellent investment for your home or business. Thus, if you’re planning to spring for such a unit, you may consider hiring an electric gates company such as F&W Fence Co. Inc. – a go-to firm in Salem, OR.

But given its high price tag, wouldn’t it make sense to know how long your electric gate can last? Well, the average service life of an electric gate is between 15 and 20 years. Even so, some gates may not live long enough to see their tenth birthday. Here’re some variables that could impact your gate’s lifespan and tips to help you get the most from your unit.

1. Material Quality

Sometimes, lady luck smiles on a gate, allowing it to live for decades. Luck aside, you can’t expect that kind of longevity, especially if you buy your gate’s components from a budget supplier. In other words, the material used to make the gate can determine whether you enjoy years of trouble-free service or have to replace your gate after a short while.

Hence, it pays to buy high-quality and certified materials from reputable suppliers. Plus, the integrity of your unit hinges upon the sum of its parts. Thus, don’t assume that small components like gaskets or weatherproof seals have no bearing on the gate’s lifespan.

Besides, quality parts are more reliable – they do their thing when they should and are less likely to break down unexpectedly. They also don’t fall apart in case of bad weather or succumb to other environmental factors. Simply put, they require less maintenance, meaning you’ll pay less over the long haul – for repairs or replacements.

It’s also advisable to partner with a reliable installer before acquiring an electric gate. Their trained eye can identify differences in seemingly similar gates but with considerable variance in service life. Such differences can significantly impact the longevity of your gate.

2. Installer’s Experience

Some electric gate installers are seasoned experts in the industry. In contrast, others are fresh from training and still trying to get their bearings. Well, should you enlist the former or the latter?

It is given that seasoned experts are a better bet as they understand the installation process inside out. Their experience also enables them to resolve issues quickly, besides offering maintenance advice. Additionally, they can identify gate issues before they manifest and take preventive action.

Sure, you might be tempted to partner with the new guy in town offering unbeatable rates. That’s until they mess up the installation and skip town! That doesn’t mean you should stay away from novices, but when the longevity of your pricy investment is on the line, it makes sense to choose a tried-and-true professional, no?

Seasoned pros may charge more upfront but can save you lots of frustration and potential gate-related injuries. After all, who wants to be on the wrong end of a wonky gate? Nobody, that’s who!

3. Maintenance

While we often claim you get what you pay for, this doesn’t always apply. Case in point, you buy a quality electric gate and hire a reliable installation professional but decide, “Well, what’s the harm in skipping the maintenance?”

Alas, many people stumble by assuming that since they paid top dollar for their gates, they can neglect regular maintenance. And let’s face it; electrical gates have multiple moving parts and delicate components. If neglected, these components can wear out or show signs of malfunction.

In short, maintenance helps extend your gate’s life expectancy. This might entail the following:

  • Lubricating components
  • Testing the gate’s function
  • Checking for faults or components needing repair
  • Resetting the gate’s timer
  • Replacing damaged parts

A trained technician can also resolve issues promptly. By so doing, they can avert a potentially costly repair or replacement.

4. Usage

Well, electric gates tend to require more love and care than manual gates. Thus, even the best ones won’t withstand daily abuse, meaning you should take precautions when operating yours.

If you treat your gate like a rodeo bull and ram it open and closed, you’ll not do it any favors. For a start, rough usage can wear out the motor and cause many other issues. Conversely, if you use it judiciously, you can extend its life. In simple terms, your usage pattern directly affects longevity.

A life free of gate-related mishaps is as good a gift as any, wouldn’t you agree? But it doesn’t happen by chance. As we’ve highlighted, you need a multi-pronged approach to ensure your electric gate lives out its full life expectancy. And if you need help picking and installing the right unit, consider teaming up with a reputable service provider.