Liv Morgan Husband: Everything You Need to Know About Her Marital Life and Relationships

Liv Morgan, whose real name is Gionna Jene Daddio, is an American professional wrestler signed to the WWE and performs under the Smackdown brand. In 2020, Liv Morgan tied the knot with Jake Anderson, an American former professional wrestler who was also signed to the WWE. Their relationship has been a roller coaster ride, but they have managed to keep it going strong. In this article, we will take a look at everything you need to know about Liv Morgan’s husband, Jake Anderson, and their marital life and relationships.

Who is Liv Morgan’s Husband?

Liv Morgan’s husband is Jake Anderson, whose real name is Jakob Christopher Anderson. He was born on December 28, 1989, in Uniondale, New York, the United States of America. Jake Anderson took an interest in mixed martial arts after he joined an underground fight club that was later shut down. To pursue his dream of becoming a mixed martial artist, he relocated to Florida and enrolled in the Gracie Tampa School. He halted his training at Gracie Tampa School to enroll in the New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC) in 2010. He won many championships in the NYWC and was signed to the WWE to perform under the Smackdown brand.

Liv Morgan’s Husband, Jake Anderson’s Relationships

Jake Anderson has been linked to numerous women before he got married to Liv Morgan. His first relationship was with Britney Davis, with whom he had a daughter prior to their secret wedding. After his separation from his ex-wife, Liv Morgan’s husband got married to Kelly Kelly, a wrestler, in January 2013. In November 2013, they got divorced for irreconcilable differences. He later got married to Blank and had a daughter with her. After his previous marriage crashed, the wrestler had a short-lived relationship with Kristin Reed. He later dated a co-female wrestler, Alexa Bliss, before he got married to Taryn Terrell in May 2015. In 2017, he divorced his ex-wife and started dating the British model, Melissa Kelly. The British model and Jake got married in 2018 and welcomed a son together. However, their marriage was short-lived as they got divorced two years later.

Liv Morgan’s Dating History

Liv Morgan has been linked to several men, mainly her male colleagues in the WWE before and after she got married to Jake Anderson. She was reportedly linked to Bo Dallas, nZo (FKA Enzo Amoore), Tyler Bate, and Matt Riddle at different times. The details of these relationships are discussed below.

  • Bo Dallas: After his split from his ex-wife, Sarah Backman, there were rumors that Bo Dallas began dating Liv Morgan. The duo were reportedly living together on a farm. Another source revealed that the duo were not just cohabiting but had also set up a family real estate business in preparation for their life after retiring from wrestling.
  • nZo (FKA Enzo Amoore): nZo and Liv Morgan were reported to have known each other before she joined the WWE. They first met each other at a Hooters restaurant, where Liv worked before joining WWE. The ex-lovers dated for almost a year before they decided to go their separate ways in 2017. Liv took to her Instagram after the split to declare that she was back to singlehood and that no one would cheat on her anymore.
  • Tyler Bate: Tyler Bate was reportedly linked to Liv Morgan shortly after she called it quits with nZo. The speculation about the two being lovers was based on the lovey-dovey picture they shared and the flirtat ous tweets that they uploaded about each other. The two kept mute and did not care to react to the rumors.

Liv Morgan’s Marriage to Jake Anderson

Liv Morgan and Jake Anderson’s relationship was highly publicized from the start. They were both signed to WWE and performed under the Smackdown brand, so it is assumed that they met each other while performing for the WWE. In late March 2020, the duo were reported to have kicked off their relationship. Their relationship was featured onscreen at Wrestlemania 36 in the storyline in June 2020 before they got married.

In August 2020, Anderson proposed to Liv Morgan in real life, and by October 2020, it was revealed that the lovers tied the knot in a secret wedding. They lived together in West Palm Beach, Florida for almost a year before their marriage began to experience turbulence. In late September, the couple revealed that they were filing for a divorce without stating any reasons for the divorce.

However, in November 2021, rumors began spreading that Jake Anderson was dating a wrestler and a model known as Eva Marie. The rumors began to spread after the picture of the two wrestlers having dinner went viral. Shortly after the rumors had spread, their relationship was confirmed. Later in November, their little romance fell off the cliff as Jake Anderson and Liv Morgan brought their love back to life. This also made them call off the divorce that they had filed previously. They later moved from Palm Beach, Florida, to South Beach, Florida. From when they got back together to the time of this writing, they have not cited any controversies in their marriage.

Liv Morgan’s Husband, Jake Anderson’s Net Worth, and Achievements

Jake Anderson’s net worth is not publicly known, but he has had an impressive career as a professional wrestler. He won many championships in the New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC) before he was signed to the WWE to perform under the Smackdown brand. He took part in the United States Championships from 2013 to 2014 and also performed for the Independent Circuit and the National Wrestling Alliance.


Liv Morgan’s husband, Jake Anderson, is a former professional wrestler who was signed to WWE. They have had a turbulent relationship, but they have managed to overcome the challenges that they faced. Liv Morgan’s dating history has also been highly publicized, mainly her relationships with her male colleagues in the WWE. Despite the challenges they have faced, they are still together and seem to be going strong.

Matt Riddle: Matt Riddle and Liv Morgan started making headlines after they were spotted undergoing severe training ahead of the WWE Castle Cash event, which took place on September 3, 2022. Matt revealed that he was training with her because he wanted to help her form. The wrestler also gave her some accolades, stating that she is super nice and always has a smile, a bit like his. The co-stars have not revealed if they were up to something huge other than just training, but might do so with time.