Lindamarie Newton, Personal Life and Net Worth


Lindamarie Newton was a celebrity mother, who had already left the world. She could not grab much public attention when she was alive because her son, Wayne Brady, who is a famous American TV personality, was not very popular at that time. However, today Lindamarie Newton is famous enough.

So, let us tell you all about her including her early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, love life, children, net worth, earnings, and death.

Personal life

Since Lindamarie Newton herself has not done anything significant and is mainly famous because of her famous son, there is no information available about her early life. From the names of her mother to her date of birth, nothing is known. The only confirmed information about her is that she spent most of her life in the West Indies and her father was Cyril Dorsett.

Speaking of the personal life of Lindamarie Newton, there is not much confirmed information available on that either. According to some sources, the name of her husband was Wayne Brady Sr. When the couple got married and how long they remained together is still a mystery to the public. Not just that, but no information is available on the death of Lindamarie Newton as well.

Parents and siblings

With the fact that Lindamarie Newton led a mysterious kind of life and has not revealed even a single detail regarding her life, not much is available about her parents as well as siblings. The only known thing is the basic information about her father. His name was Cyril Dorsett and he was a Gardner. That’s it.


Lindamarie Newton probably had only one child and he is Wayne Brady, a famous American TV personality. However, she could not enjoy much time with her son because he was brought up by his grandmother who used to live in Florida. Besides him, there is no mention of the other kids of Lindamarie Newton.

Education and profession

The personal life of Lindamarie Newton is a secret. Let alone her educational and professional background. Yes, not even a single piece of information is available on the education and profession of Lindamarie Newton. We believe she was a homemaker and not professionally active.

Reason for the popularity of Lindamarie Newton

After coming so far in this article, you must have understood what is the main reason for the popularity of Lindamarie Newton. Yes, it’s her actor son, Wayne Brady. Though he is closer to his grandmother than his mother, Lindamarie Newton is still famous because of him.

Net worth of Lindamarie Newton

We believe that Lindamarie Newton did not have any net worth in her lifetime because she was probably a homemaker. However, she lived a good life, as her husband was a famous gardener. As for the net worth of her actor son, Wayne Brady, he is estimated to hold a staggering net worth of around 12 million.


When Lindamarie Newton was alive, little did she know that one day her son would end up becoming a famous actor in Hollywood and making her a celebrity itself. She must have felt very proud today if she was not dead.