Liam Jack Diallo Hayden, All Things About Liam

Liam Jack Diallo Hayden

Liam Jack Diallo Hayden is a child of Barbara Williams and Tom Hayden. His father, Tom, was an American political and social dissident, government official, and creator. Tom Hayden was famous for his job of an enemy war, scholarly dissident, and social liberties during the 90s. He investigated and composed the Port Huron Statement in the Chicago Seven case. His ethnicity is white, so he has a whitish skin color tone.

On the other hand, Liam Jack’s mother is a Canadian and an American entertainer. In 1984, his mother was also featured in the Paramount movies, Thief of Hearts, Oh What a Night (1992), and Watchers (1988 film). She also accumulated the award for Best Supporting Actress at the 21st Genie Award assignment for Love Come Down.

Liam Jack Diallo Hayden: Profile

Liam Jack Diallo Hayden was brought into the world on Sunday, March 25, 2000, in the United States of America, and currently, he is 21 years old. His zodiac sign is Aries, and he has American nationality. He is the son of celebrities Tom Hayden and Barbara Williams. Both parents embrace Liam Jack promptly soon after welcoming him to the world.

Liam Jack Diallo’s Parents

There is not much detail about how the Liam parents met and fell in love with each other, when did they start getting passionate feelings for each other and get hitched. However, Barbara Williams is his third spouse of Tom. Before their relationship, Liam’s father was linked to a social lobbyist and entertainer, Jane Fonda, for quite some time.


Liam has stepbrother Troy Garity and Stepsister Vanessa Vadim. Tom Hayden used to live in Los Angeles in 1971.

Liam’s Father Tom Pass Away

Tom Hayden, the father of Lain Jack Diallo Hayden, passed away on October 23, 2016, in Santa Monica, California. He was 76 years old when he got severe sickness, including a heat stroke. He was admitted to Woodlawn Cemetery and covered in the same hospital in California. He was the primary intern there in Eternal Meadow, an eco-accommodating area.

Tom Hayden fought for his life when he campaigned for a political position on various occasions and won the seats in both California Senate and California Assembly. Till the end of his life, he managed the Peace and Justice Resource Center located in Los Angeles.

Many people are not familiar with Liam Jack Diallo Haydens about his current vocation and his way of life.

Hayden’s next birthday

Liam Jack Diallo Hayden was born on March 26, 2000, a Sunday. He will be turning 23 only 330 days from today (April 30, 2022).

Child of Hayden’s

I am Jack Diallo Hayden, the taken on child of Tom Hayden and Barbara Williams. Liam Jack Diallo Hayden’s father, Tom, was an American social and political dissident, creator, and government official. Hayden was most famous for his job as an enemy of war, social liberties, and scholarly dissident during the 1960s, composing the Port Huron Statement and being investigated in the Chicago Seven case.

Liam Jack Diallo Haydens’ mother is a Canadian-conceived American entertainer. Williams has featured in the 1984 Paramount film Thief of Hearts, the 1988 film Watchers, and the 1992 film Oh, What a Night. She accumulated a Genie Award assignment for Best Supporting Actress at the 21st Genie Awards for Love Come Down.