Learn Everything on Wallace Huo’s Daughter: Huo Hsiao-Ju

Learn Everything on Wallace Huo's Daughter

Huo Hsiao-Ju has gained media attention thanks to her celebrity parents, actors Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo. She was born in 2017, a year after her parents exchanged wedding vows. Huo is an only child, and her parents love her so much. She often spends time with her dad when her mother is not around.

When Huo Hsiao-Ju was young, she used to play with her father’s hair, and go out to have fun together, things they probably still do. Her parents do not like showing off their daughter on the internet and rarely post pictures of her. In 2023, Huo and her parents were at a birthday party, and someone noticed them, took a photo, and shared it on the internet.

Huo’s mother was angry over the whole issue, saying that people should respect other people’s privacy.


Huo Hsiao-Ju has only started her education; she is in her early years of primary education. However, her parents have been very secretive about her progress and don’t like posting about her on their social media pages. However, given her parents’ financial status, the young celebrity kid is probably studying in a good school.

About Her Parents’ Relationship

Huo’s parents met on set in 2006 while appearing in the television show Sound of Colors. They started as friends before dating; however, they confirmed they were in a romantic relationship two months before their wedding. The celebrity couple tied the knot on July 31, 2016, at a beautiful ceremony held in Bali.

Huo’s mother mentions that something that has worked for them in their relationship is that they don’t meddle in each other’s parenting. The couple is still together and often shows up to events together, sometimes accompanied by their daughter.

Huo’s Parents’ Acting Careers

Huo Hsiao-Ju’s father began his acting career in 2002 when he appeared in the drama series Star. He went on to appear in several other television shows, including The Royal Swordsmen, At Dolphin Bay, A Mobile Love Story, Modern Beauty, Perfect Couple, Love Me If You Dare, The Imperial Doctress, The Journey of Flower, and Light the Night.

Wallace Huo has also appeared in several films, having made his debut in 2005 in Hands in the Air. His other film projects include Ultra Reinforcement, Inside or Outside, The Founding of an Army, Somewhere Winter, Suddenly Seventeen, Reset, and Our Time Will Come.

Huo’s mother has been in the acting industry since 1995, but she gained more popularity in the early 2000s. Ruby found success with her performances in Affair of Half a Lifetime, Sound of Colors, Romance in the Rain, Beauty’s Rival in Palace, The Way We Were, and The Glamorous Imperial Concubine.

Huo’s mother has won several accolades for her numerous roles, but despite that, she is still active in the acting industry and will be featuring in more shows.

Social Media

Huo Hsiao-Ju’s parents believe their daughter should live a private life and do not like her pictures on the internet. She is too young for social media, but her parents are active on those platforms and have a good following.