Kenna Tota, Personal Life and Net Worth


Just looking at his picture could get you wondering, “Who is this beautiful and adorable baby?” as he is that charming. Even though his face hasn’t been revealed to the public eye, just the glimpse of such an adorable baby is enough to get anyone to fall head over heels for him. He is indeed a baby, but the fame and popularity he received just as a baby was something worth observing.

Go ahead and acknowledge yourself with the summarized version of all the details that could be found online about the baby.

Early Life

Kenna Tota was born on the 24th of April in 2021 as he is now the 1-year-old baby boy of her parents. He got famous the day he was born because of his parents’ fame and popularity. As you may already know, a 1-year-old baby can not have much of the information available on the internet. The 1-year-old daughter of his famous parents has been loved and taken great care of by both his parents as they have proved their love towards him many times.

He has two older siblings, a sister, and a brother, namely Violet Madison Nash, who’s 11-years-old and Isaiah Tota, who’s only 2 years old. One of his siblings is from the first spouse of his mother, while his brother is blood-related to Kenna.


This 1-year-old baby does not have much information about his studies as it is not the age for him to start his education or career life. Once he grows up, he can decide what field to choose for his studies and what path to take for his career.


Kenna Tota is the son of the two most celebrities, Christian Milian and M. Pokora. Christian Milian is an American actress, loved and biased by many people, while M. Pokora is a French singer and a songwriter. His parents got married in 2020 and had their beloved son welcomed to the world in the very next year, 2021.

The profession of His Parents

After breaking ties with her first spouse The-Dream, Christian Milian’s American actress, married M. Pokora. Her second and current spouse is the father of Kenna Tota, as they have always lived happily together. M.Pokora’s original name is Mathieu Tota, and the other name is his stage name as he’s a singer and a songwriter.

Appearance On Social Media

The 1-year-old baby is yet to grow further to have official accounts on social media, but his parents do have them. His parents’ social media is where the beautiful moments with the baby’s parents and himself are shared with the public. Both his parents share the updates of his life from time to time to keep the excited audience updated about Kenna.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the 1-year-old baby is still loved by many even though he has nothing to offer and just the baby’s nature he’s got, yet people love him as their own.

Kenna’s Lifestyle and Parents’ Net worth

Born to millionaire parents, the star kid lives a very luxurious life. With his parent’s income, he is enjoying a Richie life.
With her successful career, his mother has been able to earn a net worth of $6 Million, while his father is worth $15 Million as of 2022.