Julien Lockhart Miles, Personal Life and Net Worth

Julien Lockhart Miles

Julien Lockhart Miles is a popular American actor, best known for his remarkable acting in the TV drama series Mad Men season 6. Apart from that, Julien Lockhart Miles is also popular for being the son of legendary American actor Calvin Lockhart.

Today, we are going to talk about Julien Lockhart Miles including his birth details, family, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Julien Lockhart Miles was born in 1981 to Calvin Lockhart and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Miles. The exact birthplace of Julien Lockhart Miles is not known. If you talk about the love life of Julien Lockhart Miles, considering his age, we can say that he must be dating someone or has even married but he hasn’t made it public.

Parents and siblings

Julien Lockhart Miles is the oldest son of Calvin Lockhart and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Miles. The father of Julien Lockhart Miles got married 4 times and this was his fourth marriage. His father married the mother of Julien Lockhart Miles in 1979 and they welcomed Julien Lockhart Miles in 1981.

The interesting thing about the marriage of his parents is that they got married after 25 years of the birth of Julien Lockhart Miles. In fact, Julien Lockhart Miles walked with his mom down the aisle in 2006 when his parents got married. If you want to know the professions of his parents, let us tell you that his father was an eminent actor while his mother is an interior designer. As for the siblings of Julien Lockhart Miles, he has two siblings and their names are Leslie Cooper and Michael Cooper.


With the fact that the married life of Julien Lockhart Miles is a mystery to the public, it is not known whether he has any kids or not.

Education and profession

Julien Lockhart Miles is an educated man. After completing his early education, he graduated from Dillard University, New Orleans. As for the profession, you already know that he is an actor. In addition, he is also a hip hop artist and independent filmmaker.

Reason for the popularity of Julien Lockhart Miles

Well, there are actually two reasons for the popularity of Julien Lockhart Miles. First, he is known for being the son of renowned actor, Calvin Lockhart. Second, he himself worked hard and established himself as a successful actor and prominent hip hop artist.

Net worth of Julien Lockhart Miles

With the fact that Julien Lockhart Miles is a successful actor, you can assume his net worth. Though Julien Lockhart Miles hasn’t revealed exact numbers of worth, we hope that he must be holding a huge net worth, as he is quite successful in his acting career. Needless to mention that he leads an opulent lifestyle.


Julien Lockhart Miles is following in the footprints of his father. His father was an acclaimed actor and had huge popularity. Julien Lockhart Miles is walking on the same road of stardom and earning name and fame in the world.