Jose Robert Dornan, Personal Life and Net Worth


Some people enjoy the popularity of their kids while some became popular because of their parents. Jose Robert Dornan falls into the second category. He is best known for being the son of American actor, Miguel Ferrer, who is dead today.

Let us tell you all about Jose Robert Dornan covering his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth siblings, and all other details.

Personal life

Despite being a celebrity child, no information is available on the early life of Jose Robert Dornan. This is why you will hardly find information regarding his date of birth and birthplace. As for the names of his parents, he is the son of Miguel Ferrer and Kate Dornan and holds American nationality.

If we try to unfold the wrappers of his personal life, we couldn’t find anything because Jose Robert Dornan has kept his love life a secret and has not shared  any information regarding this.

Parents and siblings

Jose Robert Dornan is the only child of Miguel Ferrer and Kate Dornan. When his parents got married and whether or not they were married is not confirmed. In fact, the personal lives of his parents are completely a secret. Other than this relationship, the father of Jose Robert Dornan had a few other relationships and he married those ladies as well.

If you talk about their professional lives, you already know that the father of Jose Robert Dornan was a prominent American actor, while the profession of his mother is a secret. Though Jose Robert Dornan does not have siblings, he has a couple of step-siblings.


As we already said that the personal life of Jose Robert Dornan is a mystery, it can’t be said whether he has enjoyed fatherhood in his life so far or not.

Education and profession

The parents of Jose Robert Dornan are no exception when it comes to disclosing the personal life details of their kids to the media. However, you can assume that Jose Robert Dornan would have gained a high education in his life, as he is the son of an actor.

As for his profession, we would have been able to tell you this if Jose Robert Dornan had revealed anything regarding that.

Reason for the popularity of Jose Robert Dornan

Of course, it’s the father of Jose Robert Dornan who made him a public figure. Though his father is dead today, his legacy is still alive and Jose Robert Dornan is enjoying the privilege of that.

Net worth of Jose Robert Dornan

To have an idea about the net worth of Jose Robert Dornan we need to have information about his profession and that is unknown. Given this fact, the confirmed net worth of Jose Robert Dornan is not known. As for the net worth of his father, he left around 4 million when he died.


Being a celebrity child and maintaining complete privacy in life is really a difficult task but Jose Robert Dornan has done it so beautifully. He has not let people have even a slight whiff of his personal life details.