Joji Net Worth


About Joji

Joji, born George Kusunoki Miller, is a renowned Japanese author, comedian, and professional singer-songwriter. He gained fame in the early 2000s through various online personas, including Joji, Pink Guy, and Filthy Frank. Although he started his career on YouTube with channels like Dizasta Music, TV Filthy Frank, and Too Damn Filthy, Joji eventually retired from social media platforms in late 2017 to focus on his music. Since then, he has released two studio albums and ten singles, cementing his position in the music industry.

Early Life and Career

Joji was born on September 18, 1992, in Osaka, Japan. He spent his formative years in Kobe, where he attended the Canadian Academy, an international school. At the age of 18, Joji moved to the United States, leaving behind his homeland.

In the late 2000s, George created his first YouTube channel, DizastaMusic, where he introduced the character “Filthy Frank.” His inaugural video, titled “Lil Jon falls off the table,” marked the beginning of his online journey. Alongside DizastaMusic, he also created two other channels, TVFilthyFrank and TooDamnFilthy. These platforms showcased various series such as “Japanese 101,” “Food,” “Wild Games,” and “Loser Reads Hate Comments.”

Rise to Prominence in Music

Even before his YouTube career, Joji had a deep passion for music. He collaborated with several artists, including Shamana, The Higher Brothers, and Night Lovell, in 2016 and 2017. In 2017, he achieved his breakthrough with the release of his debut single, “Will He,” which received gold certification from the RIAA. Later that year, Joji released his first studio album, “In Tongues,” which gained commercial success and reached top positions on charts in America, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The following year, he signed a recording deal with 88rising, further propelling his musical journey.

Joji’s success continued with the release of his critically acclaimed debut studio album, “Ballads 1,” in October 2018. The album achieved significant commercial success worldwide and received certifications in both the UK and US. In September 2020, Joji unveiled his second studio album, “Nectar,” which received positive reviews and further solidified his position as a prominent singer-songwriter.

Joji’s Contributions Beyond Music

In addition to his music career, George Miller expanded into acting, directing, and producing television projects. He directed several films, including “Worst Film Ever,” “E.T. 2,” and “Filthy Frank.” From 2011 to 2017, he hosted his own show titled “The Filthy Frank Show” and made sporadic appearances in videos by other popular YouTubers such as h3h3Productions, PewDiePie, JonTron, and Michael Stevens.

Joji’s Total Net Worth

As of 2023, Joji’s estimated net worth is $9 million. Throughout his career, he has accumulated total earnings of around $16 million, with approximately $1-2 million deducted in business costs. After accounting for taxes, which amount to approximately 47% due to his residency in New York and California, his career earnings stand at around $7.68 million.

Personal Life and Investments

Joji has never been married and does not have any children. It is estimated that he has spent $1-2 million of his career earnings on personal expenses. However, he likely possesses assets valued at approximately $600,000, excluding investment assets. Considering his investments, which may have generated returns of $2 million, his rounded-up net worth is estimated at $9 million.


Joji’s journey as a singer and songwriter has been characterized by continuous growth and success in the entertainment industry. With his distinctive blend of lo-fi, R&B, and trip-hop music, he has captured audiences worldwide. In just a few years, Joji has released two studio albums and numerous successful singles, gaining international acclaim, particularly in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan. His net worth of $9 million reflects his achievements and the impact he has made in the music world.