Isabella Victoria Rooney, Daughter Of Brendan Rooney and Christy Carlson Romano

Isabella Victoria Rooney

Isabella Victoria Rooney was born on 24th December 2016. She is the daughter of celebrity couple Brendan Rooney and Christy Carlson Romano. Her birth brought lots of joy to the parents’ lives as she came into the world on Christmas Eve. The family used to reside in Los Angeles but moved to Austin to lead a quieter life.

Isabella Victoria Rooney On Social Media:

The kid has been a celebrity since her birth as both her parents are famous for their work in the Hollywood industry. The parents decided to share updates about Isabell Victoria Rooney with the world by creating an Instagram account. The account handle is @isabellavrooney and has about 4k followers. It is currently managed by her parents as she is too young to manage it by herself. Both of her parents are also active on Instagram and other social media networks. Unlike other celebrities, Brendan and Christy are glad to interact and share their lives with their fans. Both Brendan and Christy are also running their YouTube channels by respective names. The couple has shared details about various life events and their impact on them.

Isabella Victoria Rooney’s Parents:

Christy Carlson Romano was born on 20th March 1980 in Milford, Connecticut, USA. She began her acting career at the age of six years when she participated in several Broadway show tours. But her official debut was in 1998 as the character of “Mary Phagan” in the musical “Parade”. She acted in multiple films but is best known for her role as “Ren Stevens” in an American comedy series named “Even Stevens”. She received the young actress award for two consecutive years for her amazing performance. Her voice-over for the titular character in the animated comedy series “Kim Possible” is another noteworthy performance.

Brendan Rooney originally belongs from New York and provided his services to marine from 2001 to 2005. He proceeded to graduate in Political Sciences at Columbia University and did a master’s degree in screenwriting from the American Film Institute Conservatory. He then took interest in the process of filmmaking and became a producer. He played the role of “Chad” in the film “Prism” which was also produced by him. He has also produced multiple tv shows including “The Fam” and “Date Night”.

The couple met while Romano was studying at Barnard College in February 2011. She completed her degree in Film Studies and the couple got engaged in November 2011 after 8 months of dating. They got married two years later on 31st December 2013. The marriage took place in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The couple had two beautiful daughters: Isabella Victoria Rooney born in 2016 and Sophia Elizabeth Rooney born on 18th February 2019.

Isabella Victoria Rooney’s Family:

Both parents were overjoyed at the birth of Isabella Victoria Rooney and her mother announced on Twitter that she was already proud of her daughter. According to the parents, Isabella is an extremely doting elder sister who loves to take care of Sophia in every possible way. The whole family shares a special bond and is the perfect example of an ideal family.