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Is It a Good Idea to Have Your Roof Cleaned?


Does your roof look a lot older than its actual age? As a homeowner, you may have overlooked the importance of your roof until it begins to leak during heavy rainfall. The roof is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting you and your family from harsh outdoor elements like high winds, heavy rain and snow, and moisture build-up. As spring and summer start rolling, your roof becomes an active breeding ground for destructive algae, mildew, and mold. Probably this is why thousands of people spend hundreds of dollars every year on roof replacement services in the spring and summer months. If you are looking to extend life of your roof and avoid the expense of roof repair, get in touch with a professional roof cleaning expert, and maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

Benefits of Regular Roof Cleaning:

  • Remove plant growth: Your roof can be a breeding ground for mold, algae, or moss. Howzer Management experts warns these plant growth can damage the structure of your roof by rotting the wood and eating away the shingles. It can also put your family at risk for asthma or other allergies and invade the interior of your home. These contaminants are likely to propagate faster in more humid environments, resulting in a rapidly damaged roof.
  • Boost the curb appeal: Regularly cleaning your roof can remove debris and dirt, which will instantly enhance the exterior setting and look of your property. It can be especially beneficial if you are planning to sell your house and looking to attract more buyers. It can instantly boost the overall value of your home.
  • Efficient functioning: It is always a good idea to clean your roof at least twice a year. If you stay in a specifically humid area, you might notice staining, streaking, and dark spots due to various plant growth. Most of the time, strong rains will wash away these growths. But sometimes trees around your house can retain dampness and create the perfect breeding ground for these elements to keep growing again and again. This goes on to affect the ability of roof shingles to reflect the natural light and increases your HVAC costs.
  • Keep the warranty of your shingles:Most roof shingles come with a warranty on them, and these warranties stay valid as long as you maintain your regular roof cleaning schedule. Your roof manufacturer might void his warranty if your roof looks neglected.
  • Prevent costly damage:Regular roof cleaning services can prevent mold and mildew growth on the water trapped by debris. The water-trapping debris can also cause roof leaks. Animal nests, twigs, and leaves are certain kinds of roof debris that can clog the gutters. This can affect their functionality as rainwater will splash over on the sides and damage the exterior walls of your home and sometimes even its foundation. Regular washing can remove the build-up debris and grime from the gutters.
  • Protection from pests:There are various insects, fungi, birds, and rodents that are attracted to rotting wood and roof debris. Their nests and droppings can damage your roof and weaken the shingles. Especially if your house has tile roofs, bird and insect nests can dig holes and even get inside your attic. Hence regular roof cleaning can prevent these pests from getting too comfortable up there and keep them out of the property.
  • Avoid water damage:Water damage can cause thousands of dollars in repairs. Unclean roofs can lead to missing shingles and tiles that fall off the building and let rainwater and snow seep into the house through the holes and cracks. Ultimately water can get inside your home and damage everything from furniture to flooring materials along with boosting mildew and mold growth.
  • Protect the interiors:Protecting the interior of your home from harsh weather conditions is one of the main functionality of your roof. However, there are many harsh elements that can threaten the structural integrity of your roof and break it down quickly. So to prevent moisture damage, it is crucial to keep your roof clean so that no grime and dirt can get to the shingles and break them.

As a homeowner, you would naturally understand the benefits of cleaning your roof for maintaining its quality and value. Most homeowners do not consider regular roof cleaning as an essential home maintenance job. But as one of the most important features of your home, your roof needs to be kept in prime condition so that it not only looks better but also has an extended lifespan, prevents expensive repairs and operates efficiently. Comprehensive and regular roof cleaning services can add years to your roof and save you major expenses. Professional roof cleaning experts know how to clean your roof, check for any major damage, and give maintenance advice. Expert roof cleaners can also share insights with you to extend the lifespan and experience less wear and tear.