Decorating one’s home is a joy for but can also be a tedious task. Wall decoration is an essential feature to consider when decorating any room. One can ornament their walls by employing a wall cladding or tiling service.

Tiling services, rock wall cladding services, wooden panels, brick, stone imitations and plastic cladding services are the varieties to choose from when considering a redo of the wall decor.

Wall cladding services have gained popularity amongst the owners of buildings such as restaurants, businesses and even homes. Initially, it was limited to interior decoration, but it has expanded to cover the exterior for the walls for better upkeep. These are more durable than other alternatives such as glass panels which need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Why Wall Cladding?

Walls protect homes from harsh weather conditions and keep the residents safe and warm. Wall cladding involves covering the walls from the outside as well as the inside with stone imitation, textured tiles, wooden panel imitations, plastic coverings etc. These keep the walls from eroding with age and crumbling to the heat or water seepage.

In addition to adding longevity to the walls, these also provide them with an aesthetic touch. The myriad of textures, colours and shapes attached to the walls make them ornamented, trendy and fashionable. A touch of artistic creativity renders it attractive to the eye, adding to the ambience of the room.

Special Features

The wall cladding materials do not encourage dust to accumulate in layers on it. These also cope up well with the extreme temperature rise and drops outside.

Unlike the glass panels that substitute for an entire wall and need regular maintenance, the wall cladding remains clean and tidy for years to come after installation.

Apart from chiselled, polished rock, tiles, wood and stone imitations, metals such as aluminium are also employed to clad the walls. Many prefer aluminium because it outlives most other materials. It is adaptable, flexible and long-lasting.

These ensure that the infrastructure of the building remains intact, adapting quickly to all kinds of weather conditions. Wall cladding is water repellent, so the absorption of water by the walls is reduced to minimal to nil amounts. They also ensure protection, insulation from heat and polluted air.

Wall Cladding Companies

These companies have expertise in handling and completing projects related to rock wall cladding —their experienced engineers and workers are efficient in catering to every customer’s needs. They conduct the necessary research and consult with the customers first before executing the order, ensuring that they exceed the expectations of their customers.

Wall cladding companies have their brochures and websites ready to welcome potential customers and acquaint them with the process of wall cladding. Their catalogues portray and describe the multitude of materials, designs and patterns for wall decor purposes, according to different budget ranges that suit the customer’s demands.


Wall decors are a resourceful addition to every home. They care for the walls, make them durable, and add a decorative quotient to them at the same time.

Wall cladding provides increased privacy that is uncompromised for the residing individuals and is more effective than other alternatives such as glass. So, going with the wall cladding options is a brilliant idea. These promise both strength and beauty simultaneously.