Important Life Lessons You Can Learn From Failures

Failure, success, happiness, and growth… These are all subjective terms, which every individual defines for themselves throughout the journey of their lives.

No one can tell anyone else what success should mean for them, or what should make them happy. We all eventually find these by experiencing the many turmoils of life, failing, feeling lost, and getting back up again to continue our journey. 

The next time you feel like you are losing hope, try and remember these lessons and apply them to your life as well.

Failure Highlights What You Do Not Know

Succeeding on the first try is a glorious feeling, but failing at something will teach you a lot more.

It will allow you to understand what you lack, and where you should focus for improvement. Embrace your failures as tightly as your success, as these are the guiding tools that will tell you what you should do next.

Learn About Yourself

Just like failing tells you about what you did not know, it will also teach you about what you do know. 

Many times, you do not realize your full potential until the direst situation occurs, and you are forced to use drastic measures. 

These drastic measures may use up all the skills you’ve always had, but just never tapped into. Not until you were on the verge of failing.

Fair-Weather Friends

Your truest friends will stand by you even when you are experiencing your lowest moments. This is when you need their support the most.

This is when you will learn who will be with you throughout the long run, and who intends on only leaching off of the hard-earned fruits of your success. 

Change In Perspective

When everything is going well you do not really question your surroundings. You leave things as they are.

However, when something goes wrong, you start re-evaluating your choices and methods. You begin to pay closer attention to our circumstances and bring in the necessary changes to improve your situation. 

Failing, in that particular moment, gives you the reason and opportunity to make a change that will lead to greater success later on. 

A great example of this is Snoop Dogg, who even after going through various mishaps in his life, has managed to cultivate a pretty successful career in music. All because he didn’t give up!

Stay Down To Earth

Being confident is good, but staying in touch with reality is even more important.

You should always consider that failure is a possible outcome and prepare for the worst-case scenario, so that you do not run out of options in the future. 

Admitting what you lack and preparing accordingly requires you to let go of your ego. Only then can you ensure long-term success, regardless of short-term failure. 

Get Help When You Need It 

If you are focusing on rebuilding yourself, you might as well do it right. Settle down, collect your thoughts and take a moment to pinpoint your exact strengths and weaknesses. 

Perhaps you failed to get that job because your resume did not get you to the interview stage. Solution? Hire a writing service like Writers Per Hour. 

There is no shame in consulting help from people who possess the strength that you do not, it is better than constantly failing and having to compromise. 

You Are The Strongest When You Get Back Up

Your lowest point will obviously be the aftermath of your failure, be it not getting admission into your dream university, or getting sacked from your dream job.

When you rise from that kind of experience, take everything you learned from it and change your ways, that is the strongest, and the most motivated you can possibly be.  

At that point, your entire drive is towards getting back what you’ve lost or missed, and that is where your focus will be, not on the small dips that may come along the way.

Learn To Learn

You will be a lot more receptive to feedback, once you realize that you cannot do it all on your own. Yes, your idea can be magnificent, and your methods may technically be foolproof, but there are some circumstances that simply cannot be calculated. 

The understanding of those circumstances comes from experience – that is failure, one that you have not faced yet, but others have. 

Once you get a taste of that downfall, you actually realize that paying mind to other people’s advice is crucial to paving the way for your success. Do not ignore useful advice, very few people are actually willing to give it.

Embrace The Disappointment That Comes With Failure

Until now you have learned that moving on from failure is important. It is, but not at the cost of forgetting the root of the failure. 

The feelings that surge through you when you realize that you have failed, they are the fuel for you to pursue your goals with new vigor. 

So be sure that you do not forget the defeat, disappointment, regret, etc. Internalize these feelings, and work hard so that you never have to feel that way again.

Do Not Be Afraid To Fail Again

Life is not a fantasy land where the hero gets one blow and moves on to defeat the enemy in a single punch. 

It is more similar to the training montage of the hero. You learn, you try, you fall, and you get back up. Then you learn again, and the cycle continues. 

You will meet failure many times. Yes, a lot more than you meet success. 

The size of success that comes after failure depends on your will to get up and try again, so do not be afraid of failing repeatedly. 

Take every defeat in stride and keep moving forward. 


Failure comes in many shapes and sizes, and its impacts can change the course of your life drastically. 

Do not be disillusioned. Failure is definitely the unwanted outcome of any situation, but it is not the end of the road. 

Failure opens up possibilities for new paths and it is up to you and your drive to seek those possibilities out. 

Always remember that there is a way out as long as you are motivated to learn from your mistakes, and your failures, and convert them into stepping stones for success.