How To Successfully Accessorize a Strapless Wedding Dress


So, you’ve set the big date, chosen the venue, and chosen your dream dress. You’re on a roll!

Choosing a wedding dress is a very important step of the wedding planning process for a bride, and with so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin with the accessories that can make your wedding dress pop or flop. If you have chosen a strapless wedding dress, you may wonder how best to accessorize it for the big day without concealing any design features.

In this article, you will be walked through 5 accessories to consider when wearing a strapless wedding dress to help you look like the princess you are on your wedding day. Enjoy!

Statement Jewellery

One thing you want to avoid on your wedding day is your look being too busy. If you have ever seen a bride in a magazine, on a TV show, or in real life who was wearing a veil, had a large chunky necklace, large earrings, a high necked wedding dress as well as lots of chiffon and bows, you will probably know what is meant buy a wedding dress looking too busy! Wedding dresses for women that are strapless are perfect for accessorizing with a large necklace or choker, as well as chandelier earrings, because there is nothing happening on the shoulders or in that area.

Balance the Silhouette

When wearing a strapless wedding dress, there is also nothing on your arms or shoulder. This can lead to the silhouette looking a bit unbalanced. So, many brides will opt to have a tiara or veil, to help bring balance to the silhouette. If you are looking for a more modern, look, you may just want to stick with a simplistic tiara.

The Neckline

Strapless wedding dresses come in an array of different styles, and there are a lot of necklines that come into play with this type of dress. They can often have a straight, sweetheart, scoop, or plunging neckline, which may or may not be embellished with pearls and lace.

This is why you will have to consider your figure. If you have a larger bust, you may want to draw attention away from that area and could opt for embellishments that would cover your bosom. If you are slimmer, you can opt for a straighter neckline or even a heart-shaped one, which will make your bosom look bigger.


For many people, it does seem to defeat the point of a strapless wedding dress to opt for having sleeves. In the instance of accessories, sleeves could be a bolero or a bridal cardigan, which may be made from fake fur or lace. The good news is that these are all removable options, so if your wedding day is taking place in the summer, you can take them off if you feel hot!


You need to think about shoes. These are often overlooked when choosing a wedding dress, but the shoes you pick will impact how the dress looks, even if your main focus is on the dress being strapless. The key thing to look at is the bottom of the dress. For dresses that have a larger skirt or train, you can probably get away with heels (provided you can walk in them!). If you’re opting for a slimmer, more fitted dress, you may want to choose flats, as these will complement the strapless look without making you or your silhouette look out of balance.