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How to Style a Coffee Table: All Shapes Explained


The basic use of a coffee table is for placing your cup of morning brew while you relax and go about your morning rituals. But for most people, the coffee table does more than that. It’s a statement piece, often a central focus in your living space. As such, it can be styled in a way that blends in to enhance the overall aesthetics of your living room without losing functionality.

Coffee tables come in countless shapes and sizes. This sometimes makes it difficult to decide on the right arrangement since different table shapes need to be styled differently. In this article, we will delve into the art of coffee table styling, exploring different shapes and providing expert tips to help you create a captivating centrepiece regardless of the shape or size of your

General Tips For Coffee Table Styling


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Before we get into the details of styling coffee tables of different shapes, there are a few general styling tips to keep in mind. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalistic look, a vibrant display of curated objects, or a balanced blend of functionality and aesthetics, these general tips will serve as a solid foundation for crafting an inviting and visually pleasing coffee table arrangement:

  • Make sure the style blends with your theme: you don’t need to have an elaborate theme for your home; just make sure your coffee table styling fits into the room’s overall aesthetics.
  • Keep it simple: regardless of your styling choices, a coffee table always looks better when clutter-free.
  • Decorate with objects of different heights: make your coffee table interesting by adding objects that take the viewer on a visual journey.
  • Add a flower or plant: make your coffee table more interesting by adding a plant or simple floral arrangement. It doesn’t have to be a real plant.
  • Use a few larger items instead of several trinkets: adding small items to cover your table space will leave it messy. Adding a few large items is better use of space.
  • Showcase multiple items with a tray: a tray is a decorative piece. It can also serve the dual purpose of holding other decorative items.
  • The colour and finish matter, too: the right coffee table colour can add the perfect texture to your overall room aesthetics

Styling Tips For Different Table Shapes

Styling your coffee table right is all about balance and symmetry. This can only be achieved if you consider the table shape when decorating. Here are some tips to keep in mind for different coffee table shapes

Rectangular Coffee Table

You can better use the longer surface area by dividing it into distinct sections. That way, you can place a stack of books or a tray on one side and incorporate decorative items on the other. Balance the length by placing objects with varying heights and widths to maintain visual equilibrium across the entire length of the table. It’s best to arrange items symmetrically to complement the rectangular shape.

Round Coffee Table:

Embrace the curves of your coffee table by incorporating circular elements like decorative bowls or a vase with rounded flowers. They help highlight the shape of your table. You can also add some dimension and visual interest to your table by experimenting with objects of different heights. Since round tables often have a central focal point, maximise the centre of the table. Consider adding a statement piece or keeping all the items on the table in a cluster at the centre.

Oval Coffee Table:

Consider placing a row of books or a decorative tray that mirrors the oval outline of your coffee table. Symmetry is very important with this type of table. You can also incorporate a mix of textures by adding items like woven baskets or textured coasters to enhance the visual appeal.

Square Coffee Table:

Use the table’s corners optimally by placing taller objects in the corner to add vertical interest. Divide your table to maximise space and arrange decorative items in clusters or groupings of varying heights, sizes, and textures. You can also offset the square shape with round or cylindrical elements, such as a round vase or candleholders.


Most people don’t think much about decorating a coffee table. But if you do it right by following these tips, great styling for your coffee table can be the perfect finishing touch for your living room.