How To Prepare for Your First Professional Electrolysis Session

Electrolysis is a hair removal procedure commonly used to remove unwanted facial and body hair. If you plan to try electrolysis hair removal, speak to an experienced electrologist to learn more about the procedure. Here are four tips to prepare you for your first professional electrolysis session:

1. Consult With a Certified & Experienced Electrologist

Find a licensed, certified electrologist with experience and a positive reputation. Leading electrologists are part of credible organizations like the American Electrology Association. Once you find a reputable electrologist, schedule a consultation.

Consultation is the first step in any electrolysis session. Qualified electrologists meet with clients for an initial consultation before the first session to assess their needs and goals. An electrologist can answer your questions and clarify any concerns you may have about electrolysis. They should provide information about preparation, procedure steps, and aftercare.

2. Avoid Hair Removal Before the Procedure

Electrologists recommend refraining from short-term hair removal before your first electrolysis session. Do not pluck or wax your hair for at least a few weeks before electrolysis. Avoid shaving your hair for a few days to a week before your hair removal appointment. You will need some hair above your skin’s surface for the electrolysis process to be efficient. The technology used in the procedure moves along the hair follicles to remove them permanently from the root. If the hair has been shaved or plucked recently, the electrologist may have difficulty finding the follicles beneath the skin.

People with a lot of facial or body hair might find the no-shaving rule challenging. But the results of electrolysis are permanent, so if you can follow the rule, you won’t have to worry about shaving or waxing again. Many leading electrologists offer flexible appointment times so clients can plan for their appointment preparation ahead of time.

3. Avoid Using Creams, Oils, & Makeup

If you use strong topical skin treatments like retinol or retinoids, stop using them for a couple of weeks before and after your session. Electrolysis can leave your skin irritated after the first few sessions. Harsh products designed for exfoliation can leave your sensitive skin more vulnerable to scarring and further irritation. Avoid using harsh products during your electrolysis journey to keep your skin healthy.

Visit your electrologist with clean skin. Before your appointment, do not apply makeup, lotions, deodorants, or creams to your skin. Your electrologist will prep your skin for the procedure, so there is no need to apply your products. During your initial consultation, tell your electrologist about all skin products you use. Your electrologist can tell you which products to avoid before your electrolysis treatment to prevent irritation. They can also provide recommendations for alternative products that are safe to use before, during, and after treatment.

4. Prepare for Some Pain & Discomfort

Electrolysis hair removal can be slightly uncomfortable as it involves removing hair follicles from the root. The sensation from electrolysis hair removal is comparable to pinching the skin or plucking a hair. If you have a low pain tolerance, you can take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever recommended by your electrologist. Oral pain relievers can be taken a few minutes to an hour before electrolysis.

Your electrologist can also treat your skin with a mild numbing agent to help reduce pain. Top electrologists do everything possible to make the process comfortable for their clients. Talk to your electrologist throughout the procedure to let them know how you feel or if you are in pain. After treatment, avoid spending too much time in the sun to prevent skin irritation.

Start Professional Electrolysis Hair Removal Today

Electrolysis is an effective hair removal process that you can use to remove unwanted hair growth permanently. The process requires an experienced electrologist who is licensed to provide the service in your area. Schedule a consultation with your electrologist to talk about your hair removal goals. Prepare for your first session by cleaning your skin and avoiding short-term hair removal processes like shaving or waxing.

Professional electrolysis hair removal can take several sessions over a few months to achieve the desired results. It may take longer to reach your hair removal goals if you have thick hair. Talk to your electrologist today to determine the length of your treatment period and schedule your first appointment.