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How Often Should the Interior of a Home be Repainted?

One of the ways you can improve the appearance of your home as well as its value is by repainting the interior of your home. As a result, many homeowners want to know how often to repaint their home’s interior. However, Crossroads Property Management says there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this, as the answer depends on many factors.

One of the important factors that determine how often you should repaint the interior of your home is the quality of paint used and how it was previously painted. Alternatively, you could find out Body Corporate Painting Experts in Brisbane who can help examine the house and determine if repainting is the right move.

Meanwhile, we will discuss some other factors to consider before repainting your home’s interior below.

Factors That Determine When To Repaint Your Home Interior


Some homeowners like to keep up with trends. Therefore, they repaint their home interior as soon as there’s a new color trend. For this kind of people, repainting is not a function of how old the paint is; rather, it’s a function of what’s in vogue.


The higher the number of kids in your home, the more frequently you may have to repaint your home interior. This is because kids tend to touch, spill, and make a mess of the wall paint.


While there are many painters around you, the quality and professionalism of the painter you choose will largely determine how often you would repaint your home interior. Quality painters do quality jobs that last longer.

Quality of Products

The quality of paint and primer used will also tell if your paint will last or not. Quality primers are important to make the paint stick well to the walls. Therefore, if the primers are not of good quality, you may find your paint falling off in no time.


Exposure to sunlight causes paint to fade. Therefore, if you discover that some areas fade faster than other areas, it may be because they are more exposed to sunlight.

How Different Rooms Affect How Often to Repaint Your Home Interior

While you may have to repaint some rooms after seven years, depending on the above factors, other rooms won’t last that long. This is because of the settings of the room, the location, and the frequency of use.

Below are different rooms and how often to repaint them:

  • Living room and Dining

The living room and dining room are more likely to receive a lot of traffic since they are the places you entertain your guests and also get together as a family. The furniture may also rub against the walls and destroy the paint; hence, it’s recommended to repaint the living room and dining room after five years. However, if you don’t use your dining room often, it can last for about seven years and above.

  • Bathroom and kitchen

Due to the many activities that happen in the bathroom and kitchen, you may want to repaint them more often. The bathroom paint comes in contact with moisture consistently and can fade quickly as a result. The kitchen paint also receives food splatter and messy fingers. Therefore, these rooms should be repainted every two to four years.

  • The Hallway

The hallway receives a lot of foot traffic; hence, the paint may wear off faster than in other areas. Its narrowness may also put it up for different crushes. To maintain the beauty of your hallway paint, you should repaint it every two to three years.

  • Bedroom

While your bedroom paint can last longer, you may have to repaint your kids’ bedroom every two to three years. Kids don’t just sleep in their rooms; they also play there. They may also outgrow the color and ask for a change.

  • Ceilings

Although the ceiling is often neglected, it is also an important part of your home interior. Painting the ceiling of a room helps to brighten up the entire room. Therefore, it’s important to repaint it when needed. The ceiling uses a different type of paint that lasts longer than the regular wall paint; however, it is more prone to moisture and sunlight. To maintain the beauty of the ceiling paint, you can repaint it every ten years.

When it comes to repainting a home, several factors come into play. And if you fail to consider the most important ones, you may end up wasting your time and more. The best move remains to hand over everything to a professional. They will access the whole house to see if there is a need for repainting. And if there is, they will ensure quality paint is used.