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How do Solar Pool Covers are different from Safety Pool Covers?

Solar Pool Covers

The advantages and basic functions of solar and safety Pool Express covers are similar, but they are very different. You can find out more about the advantages of solar and safety pool covers. But how do they differ regarding safeguarding your backyard aquatic haven?

Solar Pool Covers

The highest point of the pool is covered by a solar pool cover it is regularly alluded to as a sweeping or drifting hindrance. With the assistance of Solar Pool Covers, the pool can be warmed effectively as well as monetarily, making it warm enough for a crisp morning swim or for a plunge around evening time.

In addition to keeping dirt and debris out of your pool, pool express Australia also offers pool covers that can assist your water stays at a more comfortable temperature. What you need to know about solar pool covers is provided here so that you can decide if they would be a good addition to your pool.

How doesa solar pool covers overhang capability? They look like air pocket wraps since they are dainty covers with little air spaces. These “bubbles” utilize the sun’s intensity to warm the pool water while filling in as amplifying focal points. Regardless of the way that their fundamental intention is to warm the pool, solar pool covers likewise work to keep water from vanishing, which can assist you with getting a good deal of water and power.

For added convenience, solar pool covers can be fastened to a manual reel.

The following are some benefits of solar covers:

  • Raising the temperature of the pool.
  • Keeping light debris out of the pool.
  • Reducing evaporation.
  • Reducing the usage of chemicals to keep the pool sanitized; being relatively simple to use; and saving both water and energy.
  • Retaining the heat and water.
  • Cost Effective option.


Safety Pool Covers

Heavy-duty covers for safe Swimming Pools are fastened to the pool deck with anchors or tracks. Either solid vinyl or woven mesh material is used to create them. Contrary to solar covers, solid and mesh safety pool covers can support weight because they are intended to avoid accidents.

The following are a few benefits of safety pool covers:

  • Algae prevention.
  • Elimination of evaporation by solid vinyl safety covers.
  • Protection from debris.
  • Water and energy savings.
  • Algae prevention.
  • Reduced use of chemicals to keep the pool sanitized.
  • Fewer maintenance and repairs.


Safety pool covers should be your best choice if security is a top priority for you, especially if you have young children or pets at home. Ensure that the pool covers you buy and install have met all the safety requirements. The producer’s product must satisfy the following certain specifications to be classified as a safety pool cover:

  • The cover must support at least 485 lbs. or roughly the weight of two adults and a child, and it must be strong enough to withstand a rescue attempt.
  • A test for perimeter deflection must also be passed by the cover.
  • The cover’s edge apertures must be strong enough to thwart any attempt to pass through them, and the manufacturer must demonstrate that they are too small for things to pass through.
  • By employing a semi-permeable material or a design element that allows the water to run off the cover, the cover should pass a surface drainage test, which verifies that it is constructed so that extra water should not collect on its surface.


Safety pool covers can be more expensive, but they are worthwhile since they can cut maintenance costs and water and heating expenditures. Also, they can shield your loved ones from harm. If you’re going to get advice about safety pool covers, it should come from a manufacturer who has earned their certification.

Contact Pool Express Australia and take the advice from the experts with years of experience, if you haven’t yet selected whether you want safety pool cover or solar pool cover as per your requirements or needs. We are one of the top pool businesses in Australia, and our team of professionals is committed to Creating the Pool of your dreams and offering you the best customer care in the business.